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Ode to Jets fans

Ode to Jets fans
S/R Staff
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At this time of year, the NY Jets still entertain. Rex had the 3rd healthiest team in the NFL, pulled to a mighty 4-6 record against Miami, and got a weepy congratulation from the owner, and a ham  sandwich wrapped in a 1 year extension(as much as it’s worth). Other teams are dynamiting whole staffs with a similar final record.

The Jets resigned Simms as a Back-up QB. Lets see if they bring in a solid #2 to mentor and ease Geno into a full NFL offense. Will they do it? Probably not, they skipped it  last year when it was more important for his development to catch a few breathers. It is the Jets, after all. As a lifelong Miami fan, we are busy undoing stupid moves while adding others. It is less worrisome for Miami fans, because, well, let’s just say it, we have more layers than most to the phrase “Fair weather fans.” When we are a fiasco, tied to a laughingstock, and looking to be purified by a national scandal,  boats, beach and babes, look “Very nice,” as Tweeder would say in Varsity Blues.

Jets fans, as much as I dance with their teams every destructive decision, I might have to rank  as #1. Weird, I know. I lived in NYC for my first 26 years and there is something truly pure about the similarities between Jets fans, and the American Dream, represented by Ellis Island, nearby. Hilarious too. I have taken more yellow cabs in NYC than I could ever count. The number of times the driver turned out to be a recent immigrant AND a raving Jets fan was remarkable. There is something as endearing, as funny, about a Sikh, Pakistani, Ecuadorian and so many others, cursing in a thick accent about the Jets blowing it again. WOW they got hooked fast, but why the Jets?

Makes sense. Who has less  bandwagon fans, the Cubs, Browns, Washington Generals (you know, the schlubs always losing to the Globetrotters)? Somehow, living a life of seemingly impossible dreams, takes a certain resilience of character. The unflinching nature of it is remarkable. Jets fans don’t entertain the notion that winning matters to fandom. Fandom is fandom, and they never quit.

In NYC, you could almost separate the Giants and Jets fans by income. When one day the cab driver buys his cab, a home, and his kids are healthy, the kids might well grab a glass of white whine, 2 friends named Muffy and Scooter, a crustless cucumber sandwich, and become Giants fans. Whoopie, they had Frank Gifford, Landry, Lombardi and rings. The purest football fandom? Find a Jets fan.



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