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One year later, what has really changed in the AFCE?

One year later, what has really changed in the AFCE?
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Once the Super Bowls is played, fans tend to flush their systems of all the negative vibes, for the next month…..Until March Madness (Free Agency), then all the dreaming and boasting starts up again. It’s a ritual us fans of the Bills, Dolphins and Jets, have practiced all century.


A lot has happened since week 17 of a year ago. In Miami the coaching carousel was resolved, as Gase was chosen to become the next savior. In Buffalo, Rex hired his twin brother to bolster the defensive mentality. The Jets removed all the snack machines from their compound, as Damon Harrison moved across the hall. In Patriots Land, the ordeal we have had to read about for so long, seems to have come to an end, Tom will sit for four games.


Free agency gave us some new blood as we also lost some. But the draft is where most teams try to improve for the long term. Dolphins felt they struck gold while mining for copper, as Tunsil smoked his way down. The Bills plucked two interesting LBs to give Rex needed pieces to his puzzle. The Jets too went LB and got faster and younger. The Patriots without a top pick, chose to upgrade CB and OL.


Add to this equation that some of last year’s drafted players will get better. Bills CB Darby and “rookie” Tyrod, should have benefited with an extra year of preparation. Jay Ajayi appears ready to become the lead runner. Leonard Williams and Malcom Brown ready for stardom.


Last season ended with he Patriots as the lone playoff team with a 12-4 record. The jets followed at 10-6, Bills 8-8 and Dolphins 6-10.

So many changes, so many “improvements”,what has changed?


The schedule a year ago gave us a deflated NFCE, this year it is replaced by the NFCW. We had the sub-par AFCS, this year the AFCN. As much as our teams improved, the schedule has also become harder. Very hard to imagine Gase adding wins to the 6, or Rex improving on the 8, or the Jets repeating at 10, for that matter, hard to see the Pats win 12. What do you think? This is an opportunity to get your predictions on record.


Don’t forget to enter them in the hooded genius’s TheSidelineReport.com-NFL Predictions



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