Our day of reckoning


Our day of reckoning
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Well, our day of reckoning finally came. Yesterday showed the Dolphin faithful exactly what we knew deep down, but just didn’t want to (or couldn’t) admit to ourselves…We aren’t nearly as good as we thought we were. Sure, we went 10-6 and were respectable in division play, but we were also the benefactors of a favorable schedule and two horrendous teams (Jets and Bills) to take advantage of. Still, we have no reason to hang our heads in shame. We are light years better than recent past seasons. This was only our fourth 10 win season in the last 15 years. Progress!


Adam Gase is certainly going to have his hands full this offseason. These last two games, Patriots and Steelers have shown us huge holes in our team that must be addressed in order for us to have any hope of post season success. We need to fix the defense first and foremost. I can’t really see any position on the defense not needing improvement. We have to have depth to overcome the injuries with minimal impact on our ability to execute. But there will be plenty of time in the offseason to dissect what needs to be fixed however.


For the first time in quite some time, I feel like we are entering the offseason with some positive momentum and a few reasons to be optimistic:


– We’ve had our first playoff appearance since 2008

– We have a promising coach, whom the players seem to be responding positively to.

– We have a team that appears to be playing like a team, rather than a bunch of prima donnas.

– We have a full slate of draft picks and a staff that appears to do their homework with regard to prospects.

– Maybe most importantly, we swept the Bills and Jets and can carry some bragging rights on this blog into the offseason.

– We aren’t the 49ers.

– Second place in the AFCE…We’ll take it (for now).


Yes, not really showing up yesterday and giving the Steelers such an easy win was painful. But as was said so appropriately, we were playing on “house money” once we made the playoffs. A win would have been nice, but it really wasn’t a realistic expectation with the sixth seed placing. We can all enjoy the fact that we have, for the first time in years, something to be optimistic about. We have a good coach and a team that seems to be improving in all areas. This year wasn’t our year, but it was a good year overall. Certainly something we can look forward to building on. Enjoy it Dolfans. We are on our way to greener pastures…So Phin fans, let’s also try to get along more in the offseason. We can all agree that we had a good run and there is promise of it getting better.


Go Fins!


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