Overreaction to Tom Brady and His Quitting

Overreaction to Tom Brady and His Quitting
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So there we have it. The year and a half long national saga that was “Deflategate” is now over. And we Patriot fans must now string together five words that we never thought we would utter: “Tom Brady is a Quitter.” Now let’s be clear, I’m not sure that there is a person alive that really feels that he would have won the case, D-Smith and his predecessors screwed the players long ago when they allowed “Article 46” to become a part of the NFL CBA; but for Brady to have gone this far and not taken the final shot just seems weak. I know how the Pats fans and the embedded media are trying to spin this, “Well he did it because Belichick really wanted to get a look at Jimmy in game action…” Come on, that is the stupidest thing that I’ve ever heard. Tom Brady is easily arguably the greatest QB to ever pick up a football and to think that anyone within the organization would want him off of the field for even a snap, let alone four games, is laughable. “Well he just accepted the suspension so he could be fresh for the end of the season/ post season…” OK, come to think of it THAT is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard and doesn’t even warrant a response. “Brady knew that it was a losing fight and didn’t want to serve the suspension later in the year…” This is the only response that has any merit whatsoever, but in reality it still is pretty stupid. The Supreme Court has been deliberating on the Adrian Peterson case for over a year, what makes anyone think that they would depart from the norm and rule on Brady in short order?


So we must come back to the original conclusion, the case has actually taken some sort of toll on Brady and he’s done fighting a losing battle. I wish the Jets, Bills and Dolphins would take the same approach and just forfeit the season…


So let’s look forward to what this means for the Patriots. They will be without their star QB for a quarter of the regular season, but there are actually some silver linings here. 1. They play in the AFC East so even if they somehow go 0-4, they’ll likely win the division and probably have a bye in the playoffs. 2. They still have arguably the best head coach in the history of the NFL, a top 10 defense and probably the best TE to ever play the game (and really good #2 TE), so unless “Tiny Hands Jimmy” is fumbling all over the place they should be OK. 3. They have only one real tough game in that four game stretch (week 1 vs the Cardinals) so chances are they will go at least 2-2, and probably 3-1 (if they somehow manage to go 4-0 we might enter some kind of weird wormhole and emerge on the other side of the universe).


There you have it, Brady quit but the Pats should be OK. And in a weird twist of fate Cleveland, who just experienced their first taste of winning in decades, is the first team to play Brady this season and may lose so badly that the Cavs will start 0-41…

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