QB? Who needs one?

Luciano 11

QB? Who needs one?
Luciano 11
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My comments about Fitzpatrick perked a lot of interest, especially from AFCE opponents. Well, duh! It is an AFCE site. However questions arise from this, and as much as you may be tired of hearing it, it is the off season, there are no other articles, live with it!


My counterpart GeneHackman feels that the Jets are better off keeping Mo Wilkerson and taking their chance in letting their QB of last year go.


Some other bloggers feel that the QB is the more important piece of the puzzle, even if it means sacrificing Mo.

Forget all these guys, they didn’t choose to write an article about it, therefore here is the only version that matters, mine.

Jets are in a weird position, one that none of the other divisional teams have been in a while. They finished the year with by winning 10 games, with a rookie head coach, a new OC and a first year journeyman starter at QB. The team started a rebuilding process without a complete overhaul, and now it must decide which way to go.


  1. Starting to think Mo Wilkerson either wants a sick payday, or he wants out of his native state. Listening to Woody, the one thing that came out is that they have been negotiating with Mo for over a year. Mo maybe quiet and all, but he maybe looking for something we cannot part with, a huge chunk of our CAP. I say trade him before the draft, simply because if they cannot sign him, next year at this time, we have to either be willing to pay 20M+ or let him walk for nothing. Trade him now, get something in return. We tend to play 3-4 D, and we have the horses to do so without him.

  3. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a journeyman, and will end his career as one. He has never taken a team to the playoffs, and his best year was the last one, after a reunion with Chan Gailey. If Fitz was worth anywhere near the 18M he wants, a team like the Broncos or the Browns would offered him at least 12, and he would have packed in a second. Truth is, a 3.5M a year journeyman has no leverage, especially at 33. Maccagnan is being a smart negotiator, and this will set a precedence for future fortune seekers. Fitzpatrick is worth at most 9M a year, but I can live with 10, for two years, because he is not the future. I would wait until the draft and then make a move to replace him, Geno, trade or signing another scrub like he was a this time last year.


The Miami Dolphins allowed their best pass rusher to walk away for nothing, because they were not willing to pay the sick money the Giants offered. Cannot blame them for that. I like Vernon, but he is no JJ, and Giants paid him like he is, huge mistake. This is exactly what the Jets don’t want to do. Mo is no JJ, but he wants a bigger deal than that.


The New England Patriots traded away Chandler Jones because they were not willing to pay him at the end of this season. He too will get sick money from a pass rushing starved team. Huge mistake, these guys are not QBs.


I rather follow the New England way of thinking, and get rid of Mo now, before it is too late!


I also read that you must have a QB and not a DE to win in this league. Although, I would say that this is true more often than not, the 2015 Denver Broncos would not agree.


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