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They Said It: Week 3

They Said It: Week 3
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Welcome back to “They Said It”, which has appeared on other sites, but is happy to make its home here at thesidelinereport.com.

User comments are vital to our little communities, and often give us an idea of what’s trending in the NFL world.  Likewise, it allows us to see who our homers, wannabes, followers, and alphas are, mostly by the nature and bravado (and often ridiculousness) of their statements or predictions.

Each week, selected AFC North user comments will be listed in this space.  The crazier, the better, as far as we’re concerned.  We won’t list names, because you know who you are.


Ravens @ Browns

“Our D will look much much different against the run this week. You have to remember, Pettine is a gamer and know how to adjust for different aspects of the game.”

“Joe Haden will be filing domestic violence charges against the Ravens’ WR corps. for beating him all day long on Sunday.  He’ll be covering Kyle Juszczyk by the 4th quarter.”

“Ravens and Steelers will be sharing the basement on Sunday afternoon”

“Ravens and Browns both suck!  Yeah I got you guys.  Don’t act like you’re not hurt.”

” I know, the Browns gonna whoop their butts all over the field.”

“ravens ready to treat the brownies like a year old fleshlight at a truck stop by the mexican border”

Bengals @ Titans

“Other NFL QBs aspire to be like Andy Dalton.”

“I am going team homer this week since I will be THE Bengals fan attending the game.”

“Bengals will score 200 points against the sh*tty titans, b/c they can..toying with them”

Steelers @ Panthers

“Mike Tomlins teams don’t play well in primetime and I don’t expect tonight to be any different. I would be shocked if they win this game.”

“i honestly think the steelers get shutout, i was being generous with 3 pts”

“whats black and never works?  decaffeinated coffee and todd haileys’s offense”

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