Sideline Report Dynasty League Recap: Week 2


Sideline Report Dynasty League Recap: Week 2
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EJ/CJ vs NikVoodoo
Nick’s injury ravaged team pulled off a surprising win thanks to Larry Fitzgerald’s monster game. For the second straight week, my team was held back by a few severely underperforming starters, but unlike last week, there were at least three players on the bench with game winning points. Management needs to get better to turn this season around. Final Score: Nick 148.00, CJ/EJ 139.24

Hooded vs Luciano
Luciano cruises to a second straight victory and ended the reigning champion’s winning streak that dated back to the middle of last year. Another absurd performance from Antonio Brown and a strong showing from Brandon Marshall overcame the loss of Tony Romo. Hooded’s overall mediocre performance was surprising, but at least he didn’t leave much on the bench. Final Score: Luciano 140.30, Hooded 114.64

Archer vs Link
In an underwhelming performance from both teams, Archer edges out Link with big days from Michael Crabtree and Emmanuel Sanders. Calvin Johnson and Julian Edelman also put in huge performances for Link, but the goose egg from Roddy White sealed his fate. Any of four players on Links bench could have saved the game for him, better luck next week Link. Final score: Archer 123.30, Link 115.88

Finfan vs Iyced
A close matchup on paper, we have another pair of sub-par performances. After a monster week 1, Keenan Allen turned in a pathetic performance for Finfan while ASJ and Adam Vinateri held Iyced’s team back. Iyced missed a major player in Allen Robinson on the bench, while Finfan’s biggest miss was playing Bradford over Carson Palmer. Final Score: Iyced 126.62, Finfan 112.96

Vinny vs Nossorc
In the APF matchup of the week, Noss put the hurt down on Vinny. Projected to be the closest game of the week, it turned into a blowout thanks to Tom Brady and Jarvis Landry. Vinny got a big showing from Aaron Rodgers and Gronk, but not enough to offset nearly every other player on his roster scoring in the single digits. Final score: Noss 140.34, Vinny 118.56


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