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Sideline Report Special Afternoon Edition 2.0

Sideline Report Special Afternoon Edition 2.0
Luciano 11
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AFCN and AFCE the once proud divisions


At the end of the 2013 season, following the AFC, these things were very obvious

  1. The Ravens were no more
  2. The Steelers almost were
  3. The Dolphins never where
  4. The Jets were ”the Jets”
  5. The Bills and Browns never happened
  6. The Bengals and Patriots fell short…..again


What has happened to these two once proud divisions? There was a time when a WC from each was almost a given.


  1. What happened to the SB winning Ravens? Flacco fattens up on a new contract and has nothing to play for? No Reed, no Lewis, no Ravens in 2013
  2. The Patriots continue their slow downward trend and bowed to Manning and the Broncos, what? No TEs, no Patriots
  3. The Steelers slept for 12 games and then decided to make a playoff run, no!!!!! No Wallace, no Steelers
  4. The Dolphins signed every “body” available, but became a bunch of babies in the locker room. No playoffs, no team chemistry, no coaching, no Dolphins!
  5. The Bengals dominated all season, playoffs come, and the usual happens, no Bengals!
  6. The Jets draft a QB that loves to throw to the other team, no playoffs, no Jets!
  7. The Browns start of great, trade their RB and discussed trading their best WR, another losing season, no Browns!
  8. The Bills blitzed their players to death all season, tons of sacks, no wins, no Bills


What do we have to look forward to: Please feel free to attack me and debate this


Bengals, Steelers, Ravens – 7-9 wins

Browns – 4-6 wins



Patriots – 10-12 wins

Dolphins, Bills, Jets – 7-9 wins


Team from this group most likely to make the playoffs as a WC: The Pittsburgh Steelers


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