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Sideline Report Special Afternoon Edition

Sideline Report Special Afternoon Edition
Luciano 11
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What if this became a “Special Season”?


The AFCN and AFCE have had one common regularity for a very long time; The Bills and Browns have had one sole purpose: give the other teams a breather for two weeks.


I am not trying to knock these franchises, but when was the last time either had a winning season? I will use 15 seasons, because that is how long the Browns are back in the league. Lets take a closer look:

Please discuss and give opinions, here is my take:Ok that was then, but what about now? Both of these teams have made bonehead moves, both have done all possible to improve.

2104 season can very easily become the season for both these teams.

  1. In the AFCN, lets face it; there no longer is a clear-cut “best team”. Yes the Bengals have been, but that QB situation is shaky at best. The Ravens and Steelers are basically rebuilding old guards. The Browns have benefitted form good draft positioning, and a good HC can make a difference. If nothing else, Pettine is a motivator of man. I see the Browns winning 6-9 games.
  2. The AFCE still has one dominant team, the Patriots, however the Pats winning totals have been decreasing regularly, and they are no longer that 13-15 win team they used to be. The Dolphins have improved a lot in recent years, and are probably the most well equipped to win, however they will discover that putting a new OL together and a HC that is unmotivated will hurt. The Jets are in full rebuilding mode, counting on kids in the hopes of building a good team for years to come. The Bills have one big question mark, EJ Manuel. If EJ is healthy and stay on the field, the Bills will win 7-9 games.


Please discuss, argue with me, its all good, like always let’s be clean about it please. And thanks for joining us


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