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The Sideline Report Special Afternoon Edition

The Sideline Report Special Afternoon Edition
Luciano 11
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Steroids have been here, continue to be, and will remain….what next?

I have been following the NFL since 1972. That was a dreadful year to remember, especially because all my friends became instant fans of the undefeated team from Down Under.  But something else was in the air, something nobody understood then.

Some in the NFL learned how dominant all the “Steroid Induced” Russian athletes were in the Olympics, and decided to apply that in the newly formed league.

The Packers had been a dynasty, and one team in particular, wanted to become that new dynasty………this is the story of the very first NFL dynasty, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

During my first decade as a fan, I was extremely jealous of the players the Steelers constantly drafted. High motor, incredible athletes with enormous strength; as we know today, that strength was acquired in a different way, once inside that Three River Stadium Locker room. The result? 4 SBs in 6 seasons

A partial list of casualties, the other result from that desire to be a dynasty:

Steeler Deaths from ‘Cardiac’ Causes

Jim Clark 58; 6-3 250; C/G; 71-78

Ray Oldham 54; 6-0 193; DB; 78 (training for triathlon)

Dave Brown 52; 6-1 195; DB; 75

Mike Webster 50; 6-1 260; C; 74-88

Steve Furness 49; 6-4 255; DT; 72-80

Joe Gilliam 49; 6-2 187; QB; 72-75

Tyrone McGriff 41; 6-0 270; G: 80-82

Ray Marshfield 55; 6-3 252; C; 64-76

David Little 46; 6-1 232; LB; 81-92 (died during bench pressing; had developed cardiac problems)


Steve Courson 50: 6-1 275; G; 78-83 (accident; admitted to steroid use)

David Little 46; 6-1 232; LB; 81-92 (died during bench pressing; had developed cardiac)]

Terry Long 45; 5-11 272; G: 84-91; (suicide by antifreeze)

Justin Strzelczyk; 36; 6-6 291; OT; (death in bizarre police chase; he drove headlong into a truck to end the chase)

Theo Bell; 6-0 185; WR; 76, 78-80


Questions: Was it worth it?

As the years went on, medicine learned better ways and somewhat safer methods to get steroids, and since this practice continues, should they just allow all athletes to go ahead and do them legally, keeping everyone on a level playing field?

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