Slick’s 2019 Week 15 Overreactions

Slick’s 2019 Week 15 Overreactions
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2019 Week 15 AFC East overreactions – Some Teams Just Plain Suck and Some Are Pretty OK
Well anther week has come and gone, I know it’s Wednesday and none of our teams are actually playing right now, but I feel like we should be able to discuss them anyway. So that’s what we’re gonna do. Sorry if that hurts anyone’s feelings.
Last place, the Jets. Boy oh boy does this team suck, they are quite possibly the worst team in the NFL. I was actually right next to the Sports Book in Ceasar’s palace when this game was about to kick off and I really thought long and hard about my policy to not bet on sports this year and how easy the money would be to take the Ravens, no matter the spread. I should have broken my policy, never has there been easier money available. I know Jets fans will sit here and tell us that ST Darnold is playing well and showing signs of improvement. He’s not. He’s just as terrible as he was in his first start. Here’s some juicy nuggets for you: Sam’s record as a starter is 9-15, that means he’s winning games at a 37% clip. He’s thrown nearly as many picks as TDs and has a QB rating for his career QB rating is 80.8. This guy looks at Ryan Tannehill and says, “Man I wish I could be that good.” Now, now. I know you all will tell me that he has no weapons, I would beg to differ. Le’veon Bell is one of, if not the most productive running back in the past 8 years; before he played for a team with zero threat from the QB position. They also assembled a young, athletic receiving corps, none of them can catch, but that doesn’t seem to matter because STD can’t get the ball near them anyway. The Jets will surely be picking in the top 10 of the draft again. We will surely hear about how they, “got the best player in the draft,” again. And once again, they will suck.
On to the winners.
The Fins had a tough battle this week. The Giants are quite terrible and in the early goings, this looked like just another disappointing day in South Florida (as most are). But then Flores made some halftime adjustments, got his guys to buy in the to the grand plan and the Giants were off and running (literally). This has been a very sad season for Dolphin fans the world over. Many fans are not in favor of tanking and they have just been subjected to week after week of sadness. Then there were those promoting the tank, and they have just been kicked in the nuts three times. I will say this though, the rest of the league sucks very bad, so you’re gonna miss out on the #1 overall pick. But let’s look over the last 10 years, there have been 7 QBs selected #1 overall: Bradford, Newton, Luck, Winston, Goff, Mayfield, Murray. Maybe you can do just as well with a later pick? Me thinks so.
Second place goes to the Bills. Sorry Bills fans, I know how much you get mad when I say that the Bills aren’t the greatest team of all time. But sorry, beating a team led by an undrafted rookie QB named Duck who turned the ball over 5 times by only 7 points is just not good enough. The Bills’ defense is excellent, but the offense just leaves so much to be desired. There is talent all over that offense, except where it counts, in the right arm of the QB. Josh Allen was handed short field after short field in this game and the entire football viewing world saw him fail time and time again. Bills fans will tell you that it’s because the Steelers’ defense is the greatest thing ever. But I will counter them with the fact that the Arizona Cardinals also put up 17 points on the Steelers defense the week prior. Sorry fellas, they are OK, but a real offense should score at least 24 on them. Especially at home. Editor’s Note: Vinny remains clueless, this was a road game for the Bills.
And in first place, as is the usual this time of year, the Pats. The Pats dispatched with a terrible team in the midst of yet another scandal. It took a couple of quarters for the Pats to get things going, but at halftime, they checked the tape and made their adjustments. Tom Brady sucked again, opening the game by sailing a ball three yards over the head of Mohammed Sanu. He also missed Sony Michel on an easy TD pass and sailed another TD over Sanu’s head. But the team seems to have enough weapons around Tom to overcome his age and mental weakness. The offense just is what it is this season (I’m no longer upset about them cutting Josh Gordon…), not very good. The story is that the secondary is still really, really good. Led by probable Defensive Player of the Year, Stephon Gilmore, the Pats’ defense is going to either carry this team to the Super Bowl, or lose to the Chiefs in the divisional round. Gilmore is a stud, he opened the first half by stepping in front of Tyler Boyd for a gorgeous interception, then a few plays later jumped in front of Boyd again, this time taking the ball 63 yards to the house. True story, after the game, Boyd went on Twitter talking about how he won the matchup with Gilmore. Boyd’s stats for the day: 3 catches, 23 yards, 0 TDs. Gilmore’s stats: 2 catches (inteceptions), 70ish yards, 1 TD, 4 pass breakups. Dude is just good.

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