Slick’s 2019 Week 6 2019 Week 6 Overreactions – A New Hope

Slick’s 2019 Week 6 2019 Week 6 Overreactions – A New Hope
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Yeah, I too wish I could have used that title in week IV, but the Jets screwed things up, as the Jets are wont to do…So, without further ado, let’s get right to this awesome week. 


The Bills had a bye.  For the first time in many years, they didn’t suffer a loss during their week off.  So that’s good news.  


On to the winners.  


Wait, what did he say?  Yes, I said winners.  I know that the Dolphins’ record reads like they have zero wins, but when you are openly trying to lose every game, then a loss is a win.  Especially when it comes in such glorious fashion.  The Fins’ quest for a perfect season was truly tested by the Redskins incompetence.  I give the Fins real credit on this one, because the Skins may be quite a bit more inept, as they are actually trying to win these games…I do feel bad for young Josh Rosen though.  This poor guy has just come in and done what he’s been asked to do, suck terribly.  And how is he repaid?  He gets benched in the 4th quarter, because he’s not sucking properly.  I jut think that’s mean.  And then what happened?  Fitz came in and damn near blew the game, by scoring a TD in the final seconds.  That’s when you saw the true mettle of Brian Flores as a coach.  He could have sent his kicker out there to make the game end in a tie, or he could have actually called a real football play while “going for the win”.  He did neither, he called for a sweet trick play, but using foresight we’ve not seen since Belichick had his long snapper send the ball into the front row for a safety (defense made the stop, Pats won the game), he decided to not send in the only player who had practiced the play, so they would totally botch it and lose.  Brilliant! 


And in second place, the New York Jets.  STD has made his triumphant return and as was predicted, everything is fine.  He obviously was deep in the swamps of New Jersey, learning the ways of the offense from Adam Football Yoda Gase (I think this one works, he’s small, wrapped in green and has weird eyes…), because he didn’t look all that bad.  I was actually mildly impressed with what I saw.  The Jets’ defense did their best to blow the game in the second half.  But the self-proclaimed most sought after coordinator in the league finally dialed up a good play there on the two point conversion and forced Dak (overrated) to throw the ball into the ground.  Sam is aware that he threw an interception, but that wasn’t his fault.  How can he be expected to see past his giant brow on every play?  I will give Sam this though, he does read defenses far better than I thought he was capable of.  I still don’t see him doing anything in the league except taking a bunch of money from the Johnson family and creating great content for us folks on the internet that like to make fun of other people’s misfortunes.  


And that once again leave the Pats in 1st place by default.  The Pats’ offense continues to look like shit in the first half of games, but their defense continues on it’s historic pace.  Once again, the Pats blocked a punt, and this time it was even cooler because Brandon Bolden actually used the poor soul who attempted to block him to block the punt.  Which was then caught in mid air by new fan favorite Chase Winnovich who proceeded to walk into the endzone and chuck the ball into the 50th row (which cost him somewhere around 2-3% of his salary this season…The Pats’ defense completely stifled Danny Pennies all night, which was good, because Brady continued his season long temper tantrum and Just sucked for the majority of the game.  But when the chips were on the table and the game was close in the second half, Brady got hot and threw up a decent stat line to win the game.  Yawn, the Pats are 6-0 and the rest of the AFC blows…See you in January. 


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