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Slick’s AFCE Overreactions

Slick’s AFCE Overreactions
Luciano 11
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Week 4 Overreactions

Baby steps. At least one team from this crap bag of a division won this week. I’m fairly disgusted with what I saw this weekend, so let’s get right to it.

Once again, in last place, I present you with the New England Patriots. The Pats got smoked on Monday night, it was never close and even the addition of The Majestic Stork could not help the outright disaster that is the Pats’ offense. Bill Belichick is reaping the rewards for his decade of arrogance, not surrounding Brady with any sort of talent. When you have arguably the best QB of all time in his prime, he can make chicken salad out of chicken poop, and his recipe was the best this side of Willow Tree Farms. Now however, Brady is 37 years old and on the decline so he can no longer be a master chef. We could talk about the defense, but watching Belichick take a page out of Greg Sciano’s master playbook and use Revis in zone for the entire first half, or the linebackers standing around with their hands on their hips and a look of quit in their faces halfway through the first quarter just makes me mad. Long story short, Brady has the yips, so he might be all done, Kraft needs to get on the phone with the folks in Baltimore and San Francisco and offer to trade BB straight up for whichever Harbaugh he can get and Revis needs to just get mutinous and play man to man no matter what the defensive call is or this team is 6-10 at best. It will be interesting to see how many 2nd and 4th round picks Belichick can get for his top 10 pick when a guy like Amare Cooper is available though…

In second to last place we have the team that most likely would have occupied the bottom spot in any other week- the Buffalo Bills. The Bills lost their second straight game on Sunday and promptly overreacted by benching the QB that they spent a top 15 pick on just last year in favor of a guy that was for all intents and purposes retired in July. I’d say it was a throwaway move for the Bills seeing as Dougie “Fresh” Marrone will more than likely not be the coach next year anyway and the new guy is going to want to draft his own QB, but it looks like the Bills’ management forgot that they traded next year’s top 10 pick to the Browns for the honor of having Sammy Watkins run around and catch passes from nobody. The worst part about hits move is that EJ has not even been all that horrible this year; yes he threw that horrible interception to JJ Watt, but he has been completing a good percentage of his passes and actually had been making improvements. The Bills stink as an organization right now, this is not their year, maybe under the direction for the Pegula family next year will be.

In third to last place we have the Jets. We can continue that laughable QB performances with Geno Smith. Geno had his team within striking distance of the Lions in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s contest in the swamps of New Jersey, but then he reverted back into Geno Smith and singlehandedly lost the game for his team. And if that wasn’t enough Geno; who was no doubt rattled by the idiot masses’ calls for Mike Vick decided it would be a wonderful idea to tell one of said idiots what he really thought. Of course this exchange was caught on camera and young Geno was summarily humiliated. As for the rest of the Jets, they suck too. The vaunted front seven looks very much like they are sick and tired of carrying Rex’s pathetic secondary around on their very ample shoulders and all of the free agent acquisitions on offense definitely look like they are being coached by Rex Ryan. All in all this looks like a 7-9 team, unfortunately that could be enough to win the division…

Now we have the only winner of the week, and now the clear favorite to win the division. Come on Fins, 7-9 is all it’s going to take, you can do it. The Fins got to follow up their bye week with a nice little vacation to merry old England for a pillow fight against the Raiders. The Raiders front seven, who were made to look like world beaters last week by the Pats sieve of a line was not up to the challenge presented to them by Ryan the Great and his band of merry men (come on, how can a group of large men all dressed in teal not be merry?). The Fins started slow, but once they had shaken off the effects of the previous night they made the raiders look like a high school team. The best part about their performance is that they got to provide the fans that they will most likely soon call their own with a prelude to the future when they are the London. The Fins’ defense continued to prove that they are pretty decent, Cam Wake is a beast and now that he’s paired his new BFF Oliver Twist opposing offenses have been reaching for the Mylanta all year. Now if Brent Grimes could only be as good as his wife thinks he is, the Fins could reach that elusive 7-9 mark and take home the division title.

So long and thanks for all the fish.


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