Slick’s AFC Championship Overreactions – We’re Going to the Super Bowl!!!

Slick’s AFC Championship Overreactions – We’re Going to the Super Bowl!!!
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Here it is.  What we all play for.  (They all play for??)  All those (no longer two a day) practices in the summer heat.  The Super Bowl.  And once again our little division is represented.  Here we go.
Last place – Jets.  Still a terrible franchise, and their best player got the Iyce seal of approval.  So he was promptly arrested and will never be seen again.
Second to last place – Fins.  Still a terrible franchise.  I just love how all of badly all of Belichick’s success chaps all of the Shula lovers.
Third to last – Bills.  Just above a terrible franchise right now.  Let’s see if they can hold it together.
And in first place, the Pats.  The Pats are, of course, the only team In the division still playing as we head into the off week before the Madness of Super Bowl Media Week.  But it was not without worry and probably two or three heart attacks.  If you live here in the Boston area as I do, last week you were subjected to talk radio chatter about how thus was not going to be a game and the Pats had somehow received the ever so rare quadruple bye on their stroll to another Super Bowl title.  There were a few voices (like mine) who were trying to scream at these idiots and let them know that yes, Blake Bortles sucks, but he does not suck as bad as many would think and their defense it 100% legit.  Then the game started.  The Pats took the lead with an early field goal, would have loved it to be a touchdown, but 1st and goal from the 10 might be the hardest spot to score a TD from on the field.  That and Josh McDaniels had his worst day in a long time, so yeah, 4th and goal from the 12, field goal.  Then the Jags came to play.  Bortles drove the team right down for an easy score.  Oh good, the defense seems to have shown up too…Then the Pats punted, a lot.  And the Jags went right back down and scored again, with little resistance from the Pats.  This is when I started to really worry…Fortunately for the Pats, the Jags coaching staff started to fear their own QB, so they gave the Pats a chance to get the game within one score before halftime.  Tom Brady obviously obliged and drove the team right down for a TD.  OK, now is where the crybabies start their complaining that a flag was thrown (well two, but no one is debating the shot on Gronk was a penalty).  If AJ Bouye had just kept his arms down and ran straight, there would have been no penalty and Brandon Cooks would have run himself right out of the play, but that’s not what happened.  Bouye arm barred Cooks and pushed him out of bounds.  That is a penalty, sorry.  Have a tissue.  14-10 at halftime.  I was feeling as comfortable as I could have at that point.
The second half arrived and the Jags got stupid.  After driving down for two more field goals, the Jags had the Pats’ defense reeling, Malcolm Butler was getting torched by everyone that ran near him, as was Eric Rowe.  Ironically, the only one playing well (and he played very well) was Gillmore.  So of course the Jags decided to call the same play (a dive) on 1st down for the next four 1st downs (three drives).  But McDaniels was still having a terrible time calling plays, his tricks were backfiring, but there was still hope as the Jags’ offense had completely dried up.  Then the pats got the ball with about 6 minutes left, down by 10.  I turned to my friend Mike and said, “This is what Tom Brady does.  We’re going to win.”  And that’s exactly what happened.  Touchdown drive, down by four.  Jags go three and out, punt.  Pats Punt it back; still not worried.  And then it’s Danny Amendola time.  And Danny etched his name in Patriots lore.  He will now be inducted into the Pats Hall of Fame on his first try.
See you in Minneapolis.  (stay away from the women, Minnesota women can’t be trusted)


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