Slick’s Draft Overreactions

Slick’s Draft Overreactions
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Days Late and Dollars Short Draft Overreactions


Hey, guess what?  The NFL Draft happened a couple of weeks ago.  I know it’s not really news, since the Pats barely participated; but what the hell, let’s talk about it.  Heck, I’ll even rank the teams by how I think they did.


In last place we find the team that decided this draft wasn’t worth wasting time with. The New England Patriots get a WP (withdrew while passing).  The Pats made 4 picks, none in the top 2 rounds.  They took two LBs and two offensive linemen.  Now many of the “draft experts” gave the Pats an A+, but I find that a little stupid; you can’t get an A+ for a draft when your head coach spent much of it at a local HS lacrosse game.  The guys the Pats did get might be good, they certainly are low risk positions.  Maybe next year the Pats will deem the draft worth playing with.
In second to last place, the Miami Dolphins.  According to Fin fans, the only real need that the Fins have is a QB and an OLB.  They took neither.  With their first pick, the took a supremely average DE from Missouri.  Because hey, why not have some more DE’s on the most expensive DL in the history of time.  Then they took a MLB from Urban U.  Once again, that should go well.  In recent years, the Fins have actually been drafting well, the only explanation is that Mikey T has finally wrestled full control of the draft away from anyone that might have been competent.  Awesome.  Fins are getting set for a harsh return to reality.  And this draft is the beginning.
Next up, the Jets.  The Jets stink, we all know that.  But they did get a very good player with their first pick (methinks Chicago saved them from themselves).  Adams has the chance to be a very good NFL player, let’s just hope he doesn’t take on that Jersey State of Mind…My favorite part of the Jets’ draft was when I was reading profiles of pick on my phone, one of the Jets guys (I don’t remember which one) was described as, “a player that really benefitted from having great talent around him in college.  Has the potential to be an average NFL player.”  Yup, that’s just perfect.
And in first place, we have the draft that got a man fired.  The Bills did well in my humble opinion.  Doug Whaley showed smarts that I didn’t think he was capable of and he didn’t even take Deshaun Watson; a feat worthy of a contract extension, not a firing.  With their first pick, they got a very good corner and then came back and picked up a decent WR.  After that, it’s pretty much gravy in my eyes.  Doug got screwed and the only thing that we can take from that is the Pegulas want to tank and the poor fans of Upstate NY are going to be in for another long stretch of terribleness.  (which is stupid because the team actually has a lot of talent).


The end.

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