Slick’s Week 9 Overreactions

Slick’s Week 9 Overreactions
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Well, well, well…we get 2-2 week, thanks to interdivisional play.  (Something I will freely admit I had not thought of when I started the 4-12 narrative for the Fins.)  We saw just how terrible two of the teams in this division are, and how close to terrible another is.  Then of course the Pats just go out and get their best win of the season…So let’s get right after it.
Last place has to go to the Bills.  Once again the Bills showed just how stupid the Pegulas are and that every decision they’ve made since becoming owners of a professional franchise has been. Remember just a few short months ago when the Bills were a playoff team with a representative QB, up and coming defense and a bright future?  Well now you have Jared Allen, Nathan Peterman and Derek Anderson as QB options. Good luck with that.  It was Peterman’s turn to demonstrate how NOT to play quarterback in the NFL.  Let’s talk about the highlights…Nathan Peterman is the first QB to throw 11 picks in his first 100 attempts.  The Bears are only the 4thteam since 1940 to score 40+ while totaling less than 200 yards of offense.  The Bills scored less than 10 points for the 3rdstraight week.  On the plus side, they did muster a TD in the 4thquarter, their first in 39 offensive possessions.  This is just sad for the Bills, they are a wretched team, but that “big” win against the Vikings that got the Mafia all horny is going to keep them inn the middle of the top 10 and mired in terribleness for at least another year.  Also, whoever’s decision it has been to continue to employ Nathan Peterman should be fired immediately.  If it’s the Pegula’s choice, the league needs to step in and take control of the team until competent ownership can be found.
Second to last place, the Jets.  I think the biggest Bills fans in the worked right now are Jets fans.  Because what the Bills are doing seems to be taking eyes off of the Jets and just how shitty they are.  Sam Darnold is proving to be every it as bad as a red haired QB from USC could ever hope to be.  If we could flash back to last week when I said, “I just picked up the Fins’ D because they are a guaranteed 8 points from interceptions this week.”  Jets fans thought I was kidding.  Now is this the part where Jets fans chime in with, “We were going to win the game right up until the pick 6…?”  Because two things: 1.  No you weren’t, your team is bad enough to lose to the Bills.  2. The only reason you were close in the 4thquarter is that the Dolphins are also bad enough to lose to the Bills. But I digress…Let’s talk about the players.  The Jets’ center might be the worst in the history of the league.  At the very least, Sleepy Todd’s inability to wake up long enough to tell someone to take him out of the game is grounds for termination. I’m reading a lot of things out of the swamps, where “the pick 6 came after an errant snap” and “he’s feeling frustrated with his performance.”  Let me give you some coaching advice, the majority of snaps in the NFL these days come from the shotgun, I’m not sure Darnold took more than three snaps under center his entire life before getting to the Jets.  If you can’t execute the shotgun snap, you shouldn’t be playing. But that’s the Jets for you.  See you at pick number 6 in the draft.
On to the winners.
Sorry Fin fans, I know you think that every win makes you an elite team, but you’re not very good and are in third to last place this week.  Beating the Jets by one score shows us one thing and one thing only. That you suck at football.  Now I understand that your team is riddled with injuries and the front office has been secretly undermining the QBs by drafting mentally challenged lineman after mentally challenged lineman.  But if you want to be taken seriously by anyone outside of 1972, you have to look better than that.  I mean, if it weren’t for the complete and utter incompetence of Sleepy Todd, you likely would have lost to san Darnold’s fire crotch.  That’s just not OK.  As I mentioned before, I hadn’t taken the AFC East into consideration when I started predicting the Fins collapse.  That has been corrected, 6-10 is now the most likely outcome for the Fins’ season.


And the big winner of the week has to be The Patriots.  The game was billed as a matchup of the two candidates for greatest QB of all time. Now that is a joke; Brady is in that conversation, along with Joe Montana and I’ll even allow someone to mention Peyton Manning’s name (I’ll allow it, but I won’t take it seriously). Rodgers belongs in the conversation with the very good, not the very great.  Overall Brady was pretty good, there were stretches where he was pretty bad, but he was pretty awesome in the fourth quarter.  Now the Packers could be the most overrated team in the league, but holding Aaron Rodgers to 17 points is a pretty excellent show for a terrible defense.  The Pats’ bend but don’t break philosophy has been pushed to the absolute limits this season but the smoke and mirrors see to be holding for now.  The offense is riddled by injury, but they are figuring it out.  Josh Gordon seems to be off the booze (during the games at least) and Julian Edelman looks as good as he did when he was on the juice.  Brady needs to get his shit together, but when you can put Coredelle Patterson pout there at RB and have it work, you’re going to be OK.  The Pats get to play Pats’ south this weekend, so there’s a strong chance that they get their 8thwin and essentially clinch the division title.

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