The State of the AFC East: Week 2


The State of the AFC East: Week 2
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The Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots

Do I have to talk about this? A week of trash talking and trolling from the Bills players, staff, and local media in Buffalo lead to a game that was one part blowout, one part failed comeback, and all parts suck. God, I hate the Patriots. Every year, thanks mainly to this blog, I find myself not hating the Patriots in the offseason. When there’s no football going on, the Pats fans here are a bunch of awesome people, good guys to have a conversation with. This feeling of goodwill lasts until the next time the Bills play them. I am never getting hyped up for a Bills-Patriots game again until Tom Brady retires. He just has the Bills figured out, there are no two ways about it. We can’t stop him and I’m never going to think that we can ever again. It takes an incredibly poor performance from Brady for us to win against them and we all know those games are few and far between.
That being said, the game ended up being decided by an 8 point margin and while the Patriots true believers will contend that the outcome was never in question, it’s pretty clear that they wanted to stick it to the Bills and Rex Ryan and it very nearly backfired, since they allowed 19 unanswered points in the 4th quarter before sealing it with a field goal and a lucky INT off a tipped pass. Yes, Patriots fans, it was a mistake to think that you could ease up and go for big plays against this team. We’re not on your level, we won’t ever be, probably, while Brady is there, but this is not the talent-bereft laughing stock of a team from a few years ago. Stop acting like we’re the Jaguars (hahaha, Miami – more on that in bit). Admit it was a mistake to try and run up the score late in the 4th instead of playing smart ball and running out the clock.
The Bills defense was made to look foolish though, despite all the talent at every level, Brady and Co picked them apart and that can never happen again. This squad has way too much money invested to be giving up 500+ yards a game. Never again, you hear me Rex? Next week the Bills travel to South Beach to face a struggling Miami team. I think they bounce back in a big way on both sides of the ball. Bills win, 27 – 17.


The Miami Dolphins
Hoo boy. Losing to the Jaguars, even on the road, is impressive. Those lofty predictions of a 6-0 start the Dolphans have been flinging about all year are already gathering dust after a stunning Week 2 loss. It’s almost cruel to give the loyal #FinsUp squad here any grief over this, but considering how those same fans acted like kings of the world after beating the Jaguars in Week 8, a team that ended up 3-13 in 2014, it seems fitting.
The one guy who was going to add two wins to the team’s annual 8-8 showing by being a force in the middle of the defensive line has a total of three tackles in two games. Money well spent at about $254,166 per tackle so far. Looks like the supposedly top 10 defense will be more like a bottom 10 unit unless they get their act together.
Offensively, Landry could be the best player on the team. Tannehill has looked extremely uncomfortable so far this year, but when he’s throwing to Landry, all seems right in the world. Maybe once Parker’s snap count reaches double digits he can start contributing too, though I would not count on it.


The New York Jets
Maybe the Bills Week 1 beatdown is not so impressive. The Jets are looking fairly impressive after two weeks with convincing wins over the Browns (hey, it still counts) and the Colts. The defense in Jersey looks totally legit and currently stands as one of the best in the NFL, but it remains to be seen how long that can last. If you ask me, with Fitzpatrick under center, this team looks a lot like the Bills for much of last year. He’ll keep them in games that the defense manages and, while he’ll throw away one or two, you’ll win more than you lose with him.
Brandon Marshall was probably the most underrated signing of the offseason. He’s exactly the type of player this offense needs to succeed, locker room cancer or not, and he’s putting in solid performances for his first two weeks with a new team. With Bowles confirming Fitzmagic as the starter for the season, Gang Green doesn’t need to worry about a flurry of Genovers ending their season’s hopes.
The Jets will face the Eagles in Week 3, who are looking for their first win. The Eagles couldn’t put up enough points to win against a pitiful Falcons or Cowboys defense, they won’t succeed against the Jets. Jets win, 24 – 16.


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