The straw that broke Philbin’s back


The straw that broke Philbin’s back
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So it’s week 4 and already feels like the season is over. The sheer agony to know your football season is over within the first month is PATHETIC. To which brings me to yesterday’s game from across the pond. Life for a Dolphin fan or player has to be rough, I cannot imagine anyone sleeping well last night. What I give to be on that flight back to the states. Philbin clearly lost this team and there’s no sense of urgency from either side of the ball except for Jarvis Landry. There’s a lot to point fingers to but one thing reminds the same, this coaching staff, front office and owner needs to go.



If one can call that an offense then we can all agree this is the worse offense in the league. There’s no debating offensive line is hot garbage and everyone has regressed because of it especially Tannehill. Let’s not all put the blame on the o-line Tannehill has his shares but I tread lightly with him cause let’s face it; even Dan Marino would struggle behind that line. With all the weapons outside means nothing when Tannehill is back there running for his life. Also I feel for Miller and the rest of the running backs because they can’t get a clean look to save their lives. Coming into a contract year has hurt Miller’s stock and seems we can never fully evaluate his full potential. Again not all is the o-line fault but games begin and ends at the trenches. Receivers have been okay considering Tannehill has missed some key throws. But it’s clear to me Greg Jennings isn’t the player he once was, he has to go and make room for the young guys. I really like Matthews, Landry, Skills and Parker combo. This has the potential to be a top receiving group in the league.



What was looking like a promising unit and even discussed as the elite has become the laughing stock of the league. Teams running at their will with no push or fight. D-line is garbage, Wake and OV has pulled the biggest disappearing act of all time. Suh as much as people want to put all the blame is doing what’s asked of him. He’s taking 2 to 3 blockers at a time, which means two other players are singled up and need to make plays. Looking at the game again last night (I don’t know why) the defense is playing gap control so if Suh is taking up gap that means the LB or other tackle need to fill in. Not happening. Running back is 4 yards up the field before getting touched. Moving on to the linebackers, we don’t have any linebackers. Secondary is fairly young and without Grimes just make it that much more difficult.



Another week and we get our asses handed to us by a division foe. I’m just glad it’s the BYE week and can only hope changes are coming in the next few days. I can see Joe surviving the chopping block but Ross needs to come to his senses and clean house. He can’t afford a rejuvenated stadium and no one in it.




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