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Telling like it is….The Fish smells!

I love fish, all fish, cooked anyway you like, or even raw.sushi anyone?

There is one problem with it; it must be eaten fresh, and absolutely never leave it unrefrigerated for too long, because the smell, the stench will become unbearable, to the point, which you begin to hate fish.

The NFL has the Miami Dolphins as the closest thing to fish. Yea I know, dolphins are not fish, blah, blah, however if you left a dead dolphin unrefrigerated, I can guarantee you the smell would be equal if not worst to sardines.

This fish began to smell years ago, when Parcells promoted a scout from the Dallas Cowboys to General Manager of a storied franchise from down under. Mr. Ireland (lets call him Mr., for argument sake, because he was no Mr.) began what eventually turned into the worst smelling situation in recent memory.

Jeff-Ireland_x200 Signing Richie The Big Belly Bully was one of his genius moves (I do remember Fish fans calling it that). The NFL wanted no part of this fool Incognito (Italian for Anonymous). The Rams couldn’t wait to dump him; released him. The Bills who were begging for OL help claimed him just ahead of Mr. Ireland. Played about 2-3 games in Buffalo. In the off-season, the Bully, disguised as a man, was a RESTRICTED FA. It took the Bills 3 games to say “HELL NO!!!”….In comes Mr. Ireland.

ESPN bloggers were overly excited, it was a steal. Ireland was a genius, the Anonymous Man chose the Dolphins over everyone else. Truth is, nobody wanted him. Ireland signed him to a one year deal, and then rewarded him with a three year extension!

Bullying to me is a problem in society; however, men bullying other men shouldn’t be called bullying. If you can’t stand up for yourself as an adult, you need to turn in your man-card immediately. Martin the alleged bullied needs re-apply for entrance into manhood.

But this mess goes far behind the “no-class” GM:philbin-presser-thurs-incognito

  1. Joe Philbin. He is the Warden of the locker room, the Captain, and if the ship sinks or the there is a jail outbreak, the leader must take the fall and sink with it. I wonder if Clueless Joe even knows his roster, or where their locker rooms are. He is your typical CEO that takes over a company and doesn’t even know what product the company sells. Not sure how he got this far in his career, except to benefit from being on a great organization. You cannot be an NFL HC and distance yourself from the locker room.
  2. Steve Ross. The NFL needs to find a way to become even more of an anarchy, and figure a way to eliminate ignorant owners. Steve Ross has destroyed this franchise with his inability to find and hire people. It all stops with him, and he should fire his sorry ass immediately. He is the owner, as such should take charge or get someone that is capable to do so, and he is neither capable nor able to find that someone. Get out of the NFL Ross and go back to what you know best, make money.
  3. The Fans. Boycott Sun Death until Ross leaves!!! Miami fans are dedicated to a fault. All we hear is these crazy predictions every year, and the team has not won more than 8 games since a fluke season when Brady was gone and the Jets had Old Man and The Sea at QB. Now I hear excitement that the team is in great CAP shape, and all. Folks, look at the CAP, yes it looks good, but look at how many of needed players are about to walk or get resigned. When that happens, you will realize that Ireland left you in a CAP mess.

incognito-martinOutlook: When the GM is not really a GM, the HC is clueless and the owner thinks he’s playing monopoly, there are issues that cannot be fixed so quick. Ross fired Ireland, not because he thought he should, but because of fans revolting all over the Internet. Ross wanted Harbaugh and openly tried to seduce him, without success, because Harbaugh could see what has been obvious to us all, this team is a mess from the top down. The millionaire hired Philbin because the GM had convinced him that Matt Flynn was the hot Free Agent and new QB for the future. Philbin from Green Bay could deliver Flynn. Even the dedicated fans were so excited at the thought of getting Flynn, I remember Jordan having orgasms daily at ESPN.

Turns out it was more important to get a real HC instead of one that could have delivered. Philbin actually told them Flynn sucks, and the only good move was made, Tannehill was drafted.

The problem is still very alive and evident, Ross. He’s done it again, he hired a GM, not because of his talent, but because he was the only one willing to work with the HC. The best GMs even from afar knew that Clueless Joe is not a good partner, and they all shied away. The problem? Ross

You cannot fire the owner, unfortunately, and because of that this franchise is doomed for a while longer. What needed to be done was clean the house, and totally start from scratch. Keeping most of the pieces in place, the same ones that contributed to the mess, is not cleaning the house and changing your culture. The problem? Ross

As a fan of the Jets I am thrilled to see that Ross is not willing to really make the team better, as are Patriots and Bills fans I’m sure.Ross

Like I have said many times before, I will keep saying it again and again: The one that will suffer the most from this mess is a young, talented and up and coming QB.

Notes on the pictures: Do any of them look like they have a clue? The Incognito/Martin one is a classic, they look like two kids in 3rd grade when everyone is 60-70 lbs, and the two of them are the dummies overgrown with big bellies.


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