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  The year that wasn’t? From Great to crap!

By Luciano11 (Homer of the week)

The Jets are without question the unluckiest team ever, so many injuries, no love from anyone; our coach is fat, now skinny but loves feet. We are not anywhere near loaded with the talent  the Fins and Bills have, we SUCK!!!!!

Offense ……..Grade A-
This is where the team’s core is being developed.

1. OL is so damn overrated we have everyone believing that we have an elite OL. The Brick hasn’t blocked a DE since three years ago. Mangold is just a buffoon with long hair; get a haircut!!!!
The rest, all I have to say is where in the world is Faneca?
But, we do expect good things from Winters and Austin; and by adding another one in the draft we could have that elite OL again.

2. QB, are you kidding me! Eat your heart out fools, Geno is a master, his ability to complete passes to the other team is without competition. Unfortunately for the Jets, the dumb ass learned that he has legs, and is not bad at running either. Together with that, he regressed and stopped throwing to opponents, so the future is at least optimistic.

3. RBs, by far the worst group on the team. We have one idiot getting arrested left and right, before he even learns his way to Floral Park. Another started at FB, he is so young that he calls his momma crying when we lose. Then the previous years reject, Powell; btw, who the hell calls their son Bilal? To make matters worse we traded for a black hippie or rasta, whatever he is. I mean really? Jets are hopeful that a healthy Ivory, Powell and Woodson can actually amount to one decent back, one that can resemble Spiller. The biggest miss, not having Woodson, he was supposed to be the good hands out of the backfield, which explains Geno’s early low completion %. Future looks ok.

4. WRs/TEs
, this is where the fun really begins. We have a all world sprinter in Hill, he just doesn’t catch all the passes, nor does he really get what a route is. Big mouth had another great year; his mouth was a constant reminder of why Holmes needs to drown in the Hudson asap. We scraped the bottom of the barrel for Nelson and Salas and turned them into gems for years to come. Our worst player, Jeremy Kerley was ok, but needs to stay away from booboos.
This group would have received an A+++, but we have to drop that to A++, because we missed our real weapon due to injury, Clyde Gates.
At TE we have a collection of rejects, Cumberland shows signs, but he ain’t no Clay….Please draft a breakout WR and TE, thank you!

Defense ……….F+
Defense needs a lot of work, but we are hopeful.

1. DL, by far the worst in the NFL, this is an area where these guys think that stopping the run is important? I mean really, can you get to the QB like Miami and the Bills do, so we can brag about our sack totals too? These first rounders are all bust!! Draft DL in first three rounds please!

2. LBs, we need serious help here, I mean one is a converted DE, the other is over the hill, the one in the middle makes so much money and all he does is help the DL stop the run. The biggest joke is this kid from Arkansas State, LOL, do they really play football there. Rex compared Davis to a young Lewis, what? This kid sucks….please draft LBs

3. DBs used to be a bad area, we finally traded that overpaid, loud mouth no talent Mr. Island, and we immediately improved. We drafted another “no miss” CB, and boy did he deliver big for most of the season. The rest? A dude that fathers kids faster than the women can deliver them, and then we signed Reed? Really, Oh please, go into the twilight and fish the rest of your life.

As Jet fans, we are very hurt, that this team with such high expectations in 2013, didn’t deliver. We got lucky and got three gifts from the Dolphins, one from that historically great franchise called the Bills; and another from those perennial losers in Boston.

I for one, look forward to the off season, where we can prepare properly for the draft, because God knows free agents wouldn’t want to come and play for this dumb organization. Problem is our owner is so cheap, we never pay anybody, and our GM has no clue. Hopefully we can convince Rex to start playing a little more conservatively too.

Let me the first to predict an historic turn around, Jets will win the division in 2014 with a 15-1 record, the loss will come at the hands of the Bills, because they will finish 14-2, and will challenge the Jets for the AFCCG. Eat your heart out Fins and Pats, your great seasons will not be repeated!!!

Playoff predictions:

Two games, two winners, we will give you both

1. SF@SEA, SF is not in Seattle’s class this season, and playing at home is the biggest difference…We hope to see Kap and Harbaugh walk away holding each other crying…we stick with our pre-season pick here Seattle

2. NE@DEN, this is a hard one to pick, but our resources tell us that it is a lock. We are not Manning fans and would hate to root for him. Unfortunately we do not believe that this Pats team, with the numerous injuries to pro bowlers, can handle the altitude and willingness of Manning to win. Denver will run well and control the flow of the game, they will force Brady into relying on his passing attack early and often, and sorry but Welker is on the other side and Gronk is nursing another injury…Close but Denver


END.  TNSA Special Report


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