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The Way I See It – Cubs Edition

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The Way I See It – Cubs Edition
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Yes, I know this is a football blog.  We are talking baseball anyways.  Why?  We are talking baseball because last night’s game and the reaction to said game is a microcosm of everything wrong with today’s society, social media, and news in general.


If you didn’t tune in last night and are only seeing reactions you likely are thinking you missed the greatest baseball game to ever be played.   That is what initial reaction seems like no matter where you look.  This isn’t just the typical social media reaction either, but headlines for major media outlets outside of Chicago.  That game isn’t even arguably the best World Series game 7 the Indians lost in extra innings.  While there was high tension and drama, also on display was just about everything wrong with baseball too.  Erratic strike zones, a rain delay, absurd errors, and an excruciating running time would ensure that any other game played the same way would be ridiculed.  Instead the reactionary media and fan base has deemed it the greatest game ever.


It’s probably Bill Murray’s fault.


Jets / Fins


Don’t bet rivalry games.  It’s dumb.  That being said, if you are going to bet, bet the Fins with the points as they are 3.5 favorites and playing at home.


Both teams come in on winning streaks.  Miami’s offense has been playing very well since they found the offensive line that was hiding in the building.  Cam Wake has made a huge different on the defensive front since resuming taking full time snaps.  The Dline has been playing well enough to hide the secondary, and they get a shot at beating up Fitz this week.  Fins have to win the turnover battle at home and they should win this game by 7.



This is How I See It


– Curse of King James –   Lebron mocks GS losing when up 3-1.  Indians blow a 3-1 lead to the Cubs.  Cleveland may never win another championship

– Ohio tears make the world a happier place

– Britain doesn’t care what its population thinks. Enjoy your world leader overlords.

– It’s important.  Just don’t vote democrat.  That’s more important.

– That’s it from me. At least I don’t have to worry about baseball season for 3 weeks until the season starts again.

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