This is How I See It – Election Edition

This is How I See It – Election Edition
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I am going to be completely honest here.  I don’t care about sports this week.  I don’t what my FF team is doing.  I think the Fins go out west.  San Diego, maybe?  In the stake of what actually happened I am going to keep this short and make sports related points.  I’ll hit on a smidgen of what the world actually saw, and hope that our editors don’t delete this.






We didn’t start the fire, it was always burning.  In this case literally at times.  There are sports this weekend!   It’s going to be much needed.  The Fins do actually play on the West Coast.  They are playing a team who seems to have finally found their offense.  Rivers will always be an enigma at qb, but they have a TE who may be the Highlander.  He is immortal.  Melvin Gordon started the year as a TD machine, but in the first game broke 100 yards from scrimmage once.  His last three games he has a low of 94 yards from scrimmage.  He is playing extremely well and is a dual threat.  Miami has played better against the run lately, but Matt Forte was still able to get them several times for large gains.  What is surprising during this run is that the DBs haven’t been as leaky as expected.  They are also getting healthier.


Miami’s run game has been dominant, in case you haven’t heard.  I mean really dominant.  It has carried the team to three straight games.  Look for that to continue.  Chargers defense has been suspect all season and may actually have more injuries on it this week than the Bills.  Miami’s oline has been maulers, and the shift to run first has helped them get into their comfort zone.  Tunsil may be the most athletic guard in the league right now, and looks amazing getting to the second level.  Running has allowed JJ on the right side to get more comfortable, and allows him to get a better jump on the DE when there is pass protection required.  Tannehill has been good. Three games with no turnovers.  65% completion rate.  He’s been fabulous when outside the pocket and extending plays and making enough throws when required.  He isn’t being asked to do much.  As of right now the offense is working.  It isn’t a fun offense, but it’s effective.


I know the running game is working, but I still have some issues with the play calling.  Especially 1st and 2nd down against the Jets.  They have an amazing run D.  They are committing to stopping the run.   We had a slight lead and we were calling plays like we were up 3 scores.  2 runs and a third and long throw.  That is not going to be effective against teams that can actually score, teams like the Chargers.   Let’s see if that changes this week as 3 and outs will be bad situations versus the Chargers.


West coast game.  3 game winning streak.  Chargers team that has been playing well.  I don’t think we get this one.  It was one that I expected to lose at the start of the season as it was a road game, I haven’t seen enough to change those expectations.  If our Oline can be truly dominant and we get more help from the passing game, there will be a chance though.





This… this could go on forever.  It will not.  I’ll keep it simple.  The left lost the election, Trump didn’t win it.  The idea that white males have “privilege” and their issued don’t matter lost this election for the left.  Running a campaign where you argue that only mysoginy and racism would be the reason to vote the other way lost this election for the left. You can’t run a campaign and not talk at all to what is still 70% of the country.  You can’t ignore the entire Midwest.  The DNC (and pollsters) for some unknown reason assumed the minority vote would follow the same trends as under President Obama.  They were wrong.  Trump received fewer votes than Romney, minorities just didn’t come out or vote left as often as they did with President Obama around.  8% more of the African American and Latino vote went red this time.  That was the difference.  The best part, instead of learning they are doubling down on the attacks.



This is How I See It


I wonder how many words were written defending Colin Keapernick.  How do you justify not voting in his situation.  If he had any political capital, it is gone.


I did not expect my article on political capital to be so spot on, this is not a humble brag, but a straight up brag.


Patriots didn’t win last week, your team stinks.


BB and Brady voted for Trump?  Now we know there was tampering.


The Fins are playing better than the Jets right now.  It’s published so it must be true.


Come on Bills, I was rooting for you!  I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU!


Have all those celebrities left yet?

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