This is How I See It


This is How I See It
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First, I apologize for my lack of contribution this week. Category 4 hurricanes tend to throw your plans in a loop.


If I had put in a ranking this week, the Fins would have been 31st. This a team decimated by injury, bad qb play, bad o line play, no DBs, no TE, bad coaching, and a pathetic future. The big issue is that no matter how bad we look, Miami is still going to win 5-6 games and ensure a pick outside the top 8 in a draft that isn’t very deep. Not that I trust management with a top pick anyways, as we can see how we do when we choose in the first three picks of the draft.
We played one of the ineptest games I have ever seen Miami play on Thursday. The 2nd play of the game we score after two good throws as we play our semi-hurry up with a 5 wr set. We get the ball back… so what do we do? Completely change our style on offense. Slow it down and line up a RB in our base set. What BB does is he kills you with a play until you prove you can stop it. Bengals were down DBs, so ensuring they are trotting a dime or nickel coverage out there ensures you have matchups you can take advantage of.   Our defense was anemic, our pass rush vanished, but what do you expect when you try the don’t cover AJ Green defense.


On to Tennessee
A game where we might not be out coached to start the game! Tennessee has been bad. Mariota is behind an o line so pathetic they belong in Miami. Winston’s job is to throw it up to Evans, but he looks like he is the much better qb as of right now. Barely 50% of his completions this year have gone to a WR. Murray, for the Titans, is 2nd in the NFL with yards from scrimmage. Miami will do it’s best to make the Titans WRs look good, but there will likely still be a lot of throws to the TEs. The titans have been riding Murray this season, and he has stepped up to the bill.
Tennessee’s offense has been the unit that is much maligned, but that is a lot of smoke and mirrors. The offense is actually producing similar to last season; it is the defense that regressed. Tennessee has been close in the game with an attempt to tie or win it on the last drive several times this year, so the blame automatically switches to them. The Titans haven’t tackled well, and have had a weak middle coverage zone. This should play well to Miami’s passing strength.


Miami is giving 3.5 at home. This is pretty much saying that both teams are awful and giving Miami credit for home field advantage. If this was in Tennessee, it would likely be reverse.
As much as I don’t want to do this… I am taking Miami with the points. This week we get to see how bad they really are.
Record vs spread 3-1

Record straight up 2-2


This is How I See It

  • If Woods is available in your league, he shouldn’t be
  • The Fins have joined the Browns on my list of start whoever you have playing them in FF
  • OBJ has almost literally the same yards as last year, 2 less TDs, and 23 more temper tantrums. The NFL is now going to look to protect him from bullies. DAMN YOU J. MARTIN
  • 2 weeks good Fitz, 2 weeks bad fitz.   If we use the Rex Grossman expectation calendar, we should be getting a good Fitz week this week.
  • BB does the greatest of BB things and doesn’t make Brady talk to the media because he isn’t active yet. He is my spirit animal, yet I hate him.
  • Everyone on the East Coast be safe. Check in when you can. Don’t drown. I hope you have candles.

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