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TNSA Special Report

TNSA Special Report
Luciano 11
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Taiwanese News Sports Agency Special Report

By Luciano11

Week 17 – The Dream Ends

Seventeen weeks of ups and downs, for some more than others, and here we are, at the regular season finish line.

Last week we learned a few very important things about our division. First and foremost, contrary to popular belief, The New England Patriots are doing well as they head into the playoffs. The New York Jets are not dead. Rex’s team did not just lie down and let the season come to an end, they played hard for him. Geno played his second good consecutive game, and looked poised. The Buffalo Bills continue to surprise us at times when we don’t expect them to. The future for this team is very promising, but a question has to be asked, is EJ the man? The Miami Dolphins, who went into Buffalo riding high, dreaming of a division championship, now find themselves at the Mercy of the SD Chargers….this folks is BACKING IN WISH…….. IN STYLE!

Disclaimer: please do read, but do not bet your house on my account!


The Patriots will have to take this game serious, or see their #2 seed slip away…they will. Coming of a massacre handed to the Ravens, in Baltimore, Brady and company will take care of business against a very feisty Bills team. I am not a Patriots fan, even if Scotty accuses me of being a closet fan, but something must be said. This may BB’s best coaching of his career. This team has lost so many players in the off-season and to injury in season, yet here they are, again.

The Bills will be a team to reckon with next season. They are young, and might finally have a direction. EJ must remain healthy for the entire season; it is never a good sign when your rookie QB is out 2-3 different times due to injuries. As well as the Bills are playing, I can’t see them marching into Foxboro and win this one.

Bills – PATRIOTS = 21-27


Jets suck, Geno sucks, Rex loves feet, Woody is a fool………all the colorful stuff we have come to be reminded about these New York Jets….yet, here they are at 7-8.
The Jets will be a tough out for the Fins, simply put, this team will fight for Rex to stay on, and I expect a fired up green/white team to enter the Orange colored Sun Death Stadium…….and Death it may be. We predict here first that as much as we have called for Rex’s feet to get fired, he will remain as the HC. Geno will continue to grow and play his third good game in a row to end the season on a very high note. The Jets will finish tied with the off-season champs at 8-8. The kicker will be that the Jets will get to pick ahead of the Dolphins in the draft.

The Dolphins proved to us that the hype just doesn’t match the effort. This team looked at the remaining schedule with two to go and penciled in two wins. After all the Mighty Fins are no match for the lowly Bills and Jets. I hope for their sake that this week they remember that division games are never easy to predict. The Jets will rush for near 200 yds in this one.
We predict a Dolphins and Ravens loss this week, as the Chargers march into the playoffs.

JETS – Dolphins = 23-20

We also pick the Eagles, Panthers to win the division and the Saints to be a WC.

Go Bills! Prove me wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TNSA Special Report




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