Vinny’s Weekly Overreactions: Week 1

Vinny’s Weekly Overreactions: Week 1
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2021 Week 1 Overreactions

Ahhhh, welcome back NFL. I apologize about the delay in writing this week, but I really wanted to make
sure I got a good feel for the fan reactions this week. So, without further delays, let’s get right after it.
In last place. We have the Jets. Now I actually think that Zac Wilson played better than most Jets rookie
QBs. He did have the traditional interception on one of his first throws and overall did well, especially in
the second half. But the Jets are still the Jets, the defense is atrocious, and the run game is even worse.
They have one piece on offense (Corey Davis) and even were able to lose their best offensive lineman
(and probably their best overall player) for an extended period. Add in the salt of getting your asses
kicked by former Jets Robbie Anderson and Sam Darnold and you’ve got yourself a real bad day.
In second to last place, we find the Bills. Oh this was fairly sweet. I hate seeing the Steelers win, but
after an entire offseason of seeing the Bills fans shake their fat, smelly asses in everyone’s faces, it was
so, so sweet to watch them fall flat on their faces. Josh Allen sucked, he airmailed several balls over the
heads of open receivers, he fumbled (like usual) and more or less looked like the 2018/19 version of Josh
Allen. Leaving his 2020 season as the outlier in his career. Oh boy Bills fans need to pray that this isn’t
another in the long line of Bills QBs that have one above average season, get paid, then revert to sucking
a la Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Bills face the division leaders this week and better hope that they are ready
because starting 0-2 will likely result in mass suicides all over Western NY.
And in first place of the losers, we find the Pats. Really, they sucked too. The only real silver lining for
this team is that the QB might not be the worst QB in the league like they had last year. But the vaunted
defense that was supposed to be a “top 5 NFL defense” was downright awful. Outside of like two plays
made by Matthew Judon, they looked very much like the 2011 version where they were ranked 31 st in
the league. The team played undisciplined football and repeatedly shot themselves in the foot with
penalties or game losing fumbles. This has many of us here in NE questioning weather the game has
passed the 69 year old Bill Belichick by and it might be time to move on from him. I mean he’s one of
the worst GM’s in football but we put up with that because he’s supposed to be a great coach. But if he
can’t cover up for his shitty personnel moves with expert coaching (or maybe the play of the Human
Spackle named Tom Brady?), then what’s the point? Losing that game really shook my confidence in
And now on to the winner of the week.
When you are the only team to win, then you are the first place team by default. And that’s where we
find your Miami Dolphins. The Fins were OK. They sliced through the Pats’ porous defense whenever
they really needed to. Tua was supremely average, but that’s all that it took for him to sneak out a gift,
one point win over the division opponent. The Fins’ defense might be pretty good this year though,
Xavian Howard is a stud and it appears that B-Flo has been putting in work teaching these guys to strip
the ball. I remember when the Pats used to do that…This week is a big one for the Fins, they can give
the pre-season division champs a solid kick to the nuts this week if they squeeze out a win. If they lose,
then we’ll have some sort of weird three way tie at the top of the division.
Let’s see what happens in week 2.

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