Vinny’s Weekly Overreactions: Week 2

Vinny’s Weekly Overreactions: Week 2
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2021 Week 2 AFCE Overreactions

Oh yeah, it’s our first week staying completely in division. That’s just two games to focus on, two winners and two losers. The strangest stat in the division actually might be that collectively, we are 0-4 at home… Seems like something to watch.
Jumping right in, last place goes to the Jets. I know, I know, it’s getting repetitive. But that’s not my fault, look to the fools in New Jersey if you want someone to blame. Boy oh boy this team does not have a clue. And I almost feel bad for Zach Wilson, he seems like he has some natural ability, but he’s a Jet, so they’ve already ruined him. I mean the kid threw interceptions on his first two throws of the day and what did the coaches do? Go sit with him and talk about what went wrong and maybe adjust the gameplan to try and make him a little more successful? No, of course not. They left him to sit alone on the bench with the tablet and look at his mistakes, then told him to go back out there and sling it. Predictably, that resulted in two more interceptions. Wilson is done, time for Jet fans to start getting excited about their next QB. Who will be ruined by the next failed head coach. Really the only thing that can save the Jets at this point is an ownership change, which won’t happen. Woody will keep the team until he shrivels up and dies, then hand the team to one of his inbred children, who will continue to run in deeper and deeper underground.
Second to last goes the Fins. I wanted to put them last, because getting smoked the way they did was something to behold. But they at least had the excuse of losing their starting QB early in the game and did kind of hold the game close for a minute there. Getting shut out in your home opener, against a division rival is incredibly embarrassing, but it may be just what management needs to give the Texans their picks back in exchange for Deshaun Watson in an effort to give the fans hope. But back to the action on the field. The Fins lost their QB, then decided to fold like wet origami paper. This should give fans pause and maybe they should evaluate the mental toughness of this team? I guess time will tell on many things with this team…
And now we move on to the winners.
Second place this week goes to the Pats. I really wanted to put the Bills here, simply to see the Bills’ fans’ collective temper tantrum over it, but I cannot. The Pats beat the Jets by three scores, but they didn’t really look good doing it. Young Mac Jones is essentially a mayo and American cheese sandwich on white bread. He was good, but much like he was not the reason they lost last week, he was not the reason they won this week. The chastity belt that Belichick and McDaniels have strapped on him in the red zone doesn’t help either. The real reason the Pats are here in second place is the defense. Yes, they got four easy interceptions from Wilson, but they didn’t really earn them, he just sucks. This vaunted front 7 that we heard about all summer got shredded by the run, and really didn’t apply all that much pressure in the pass game. The Pats could be in trouble in these next two weeks, this Saints game is the ultimate “look ahead” game and we all know Brady will hang close to 100 on them. A 1-3 start does not help Belichick with the whole “Coach over Player” battle that he’s been having with Brady for the past couple of years.
And that leave the Bills in first place. They did beat the QB-less Dolphins 35-0, but they looked rather pedestrian in doing so. Josh Allen once again looked average. He completed a mere 51.5% of his passes and turned the ball over yet again. Stefon Diggs of course continued to get himself wide open when needed, because he’s really good at football, but he didn’t really produce all that much. The defense was far better than they had been in the opener. They seemed to play with a reckless abandon, first destroying Tua’s ribs, then making Jacoby Brissett look like, well Jacoby Brissett for most of the game. All in all it was a good get right week for the Bills after letting their fans down so hard in week 1. Now they need to keep on doing it and Allen needs to wake up if this team wants to reach the lofty goals that their fans have for them.

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