Vinny’s Weekly Overreactions: Week 6

Vinny’s Weekly Overreactions: Week 6
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2021 Week 6 AFC East Overreactions
Hahaha. Now there’s the AFC East that we all know and love. Three teams played, three team lost. Things are looking bleak for our little slice of the NFL, so let’s take a look at it.
Last place without a doubt has to go to the Miami Dolphins. I mean come on guys, losing to the Jags? That’s just sad. The Fins opened up play on Sunday with their annual trip across the pond. And if the NFL’s goal for playing games in London is to show the worst of the league and ensure that the people of Europe never love our football more than their own. Then mission accomplished. This game was a pathetic display between tow pathetic franchises. Each team showcasing their highly drafted, over rated, young QB and showing the drunken rabble nothing. The kickers exchanged “game winners” and then everyone wanted to stick needles in their eyes. Well at least Fin fans are used to it.
We’re rating these teams on the quality of the team they lost to, so second to last goes to the Bills. The Bills and their fans entered Monday night brashly swinging their under impressive junk in everyone else’s face, brashly declaring their dominance over the league and that no one would ever challenge them again. Then Derrek Henry went 78 yards right up their butts and everything went to hell and the vaunted Bills defense gave up 34 points to our old friend Tannchize. Almost seems like their domination of the Texans’ and Dolphins’ high school caliber offenses wasn’t a good indicator of what they could do against an actual NFL team? Weird. Oh well, the Bills are a good team, so they had the ball on the goal line with a chance to win the game. And on 4 th and inches, they called a brilliant QB sneak that was totally unexpected by the defense. Josh Allen tripped over his own feet. Game over. But good news, coach McD immediately went to complain to the refs in a desperate effort to find someone to blame for his own incompetence on that final play.
And in third to last, the Pats. The Patriots lost a close game in overtime to a very good team. Yes, I think I have written a very similar sentence just about every week of the season. The Pats have fallen from grace so sharply that not even the national NFL reporters are able to cover up for Bill Belichick’s cowardice and incompetence any longer. With each passing week, Bill’s legacy shrinks and those people who said his success was all due to Tom Brady are placed more and more on the side of the right. Bill has lost it, he has no confidence in himself, or his team. He’s littered the coaching staff with his own children and sycophants who would never question him. All at a time when the game is fast passing him by and he desperately needs to be questioned. I barely even want to talk about the semi-promising play of rookie QB Mac Jones because it doesn’t even matter. Bill’s refusal to hire a real defensive coach makes the offense a moot point. The last three weeks, the offense has driven the length of the field to take the lead in the 4th quarter. And every time the defense allowed the opponent to score to either tie or take the win. The Krafts have a great opportunity sitting out there for them this offseason, if they choose to go look at it. The Raiders have a moron for an owner, who can easily be taken advantage of and just had to release his head coach. Mr. Kraft needs to call Mark and offer him Bill Belichick and a case of whoopie pies for his next three drafts.
And in first place, the team who didn’t play, so they couldn’t lose. The Jets. Normally we don’t really rank teams on a bye, but this might be the Jets’ only chance to take the top spot this season. In other news, I heard something funny on the radio this morning…Brandon Merriweather does a “weekly” radio spot with the local sports station and he was talking about how he loves hitting people. When asked about Zack Wilson, he said something along the lines of, “Oh yeah, when that guy got picked I wished I was still playing because he looks like the kind of guy you want to hit in the mouth.”

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