Vinny’s Weekly Overreactions: Week 7

Vinny’s Weekly Overreactions: Week 7
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Week 7 AFCE Overreactions
Well, football was played this weekend. I won’t call it good football, but there were two games that featured teams from our sad division. So here we go.
The Fins are in last, because the Fins are truly terrible. I mean can you believe that many of us (myself included) thought this collection of scrubs might actually challenge for a playoff spot? Well they won’t. Currently the Fins are sitting in the #2 spot in the 2022 draft, although that pick immediately converts to the Philadelphia Eagles as soon as the season ends, so that sucks. I mean there really is no silver lining for Dolphins fans at this point. Their team is absolutely terrible, their QB sucks and is made of papier maché and their defense just got shredded by the Atlanta Falcons. These are dark days on South Beach. On the plus side, the Fins are deep in negotiations to trade the future of the franchise for a degenerate QB who will be suspended for molestation the moment he gets traded. Oh well, at least you’re not the Jets.
Yeah, the Jets. We’re gonna have to go with a tie for last place, because they Jets are so bad that they lost by 41 points to the terrible Pats. I mean sure the overrated rookie QB went down in the second quarter, but the saddest part about that is that the Jets’ offense actually improved when some guy named Mike White came in to take the helm. But really, giving up 54 to the Pats, a team that hadn’t passed the 30 point mark to this point in the season is just sad. I don’t really know what else to say, the Jets currently own 2 picks in the top 10 of next year’s draft, so maybe, just maybe the Jets will finally get it right. But probably not, because they are the Jets and as long as the Johnson family and their inbred gaggle of flipper-kids are running the show, the entire franchise will be eternally inept.
The Bills didn’t lose, they were on their bye week and were passed over by a handful of other teams in the standings. So, as great as the Bills think they are, they are currently looking at the backsides of the Cincinnati Bengals.
And the only winner of the week was the Pats. But really is it a win if you beat the Jets? I mean sure, the offense who has struggled all season long came out and scored 54 points without much help from turnovers and such, but shouldn’t every team beat the Jets by 40+ points? So let’s talk about young Mac Jones. He seems to be making progress, I’m starting to think that he’ll never be quite good enough to take this team back to the legendary heights of Tom Brady, but he does look like he at least won’t subject Pats fans to consecutive decades of shitty play like the other three teams in the division did after they lost their HoF QBs. The Pats’ defense still sucks. Once again, sure they only gave up 13 points, but they were facing something called Mike White for more than half the game. But, on the plus side, there are now two guys on the defense that I don’t think completely suck: Judon of course and Young Christian Barmore. Mr. Barmore seems to be a large, angry man who takes up lots of space in the middle, he may have motivation issues, but if he shakes that off, we’re in good shape.

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