Week 16 Overreactions

Week 16 Overreactions
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Well, well, well…We sure do have a lot to overreact to this week, now don’t we.  I’m fairly sure that most of us expected two blowouts this week, but I’m also sure no one had them turning out the way they did…

Let’s start with that smell that’s emanating from the dumpster behind the Williamsville, NY Dave and Buster’s.  That’s so Dolphins…It looks as if Smooth Joe Philbin and Co. started to read the press clippings and gave the team Sunday off thinking that just reading the schedule would result in victory vs. the lowly Bills.  Well, not so fast my friend.  The boys from Buffalo battered Ryan the Great all day (well most of the day, the talented Matt Moore took a few of the lumps) to the tune of seven sacks.  On a positive note- though the Dolphins did not manage to score a single point, somehow they backed their way into the six seed in the AFC playoffs (meanwhile, the Arizona Cardinals went into Seattle and beat the invincible Seahawks improving their record to 10-5 and are currently #7 in the NFC).

It’s been a long time since we were able to move onto the winners so soon, but the “worst of the best” award has to go to Geno and the Jets.  It was nice to see what this team can be capable of when there is no pressure of going to the playoffs.  Geno was magical in his dissection of the Browns vaunted defense and we even had a Dee Mumbly sighting.  It really was a treat to witness the majesty of Rexy’s final game in the Meadowlands (unless of course Chris Christie invites Rex to join him at the buffet line in the Governor’s luxury box during the Super Bowl).  I like Rex and think he would be a fantastic defensive coordinator for any team in the league, but I really hope that Jerry hires him because Rex plus Romo would most certainly equal some of the most memorable press conferences in the history of time.

Now is where things get tricky, but when a team wins the division they get the nod.  So, in second place we present the Buffalo Bills.  I think Thad Lewis has many Bills fans rethinking their praise of the EJ Manuel pick- I mean he’s started half the games and has just as many wins.  But QB controversies aside, the Bill defense led by the “Fearsome Foursome” was out of this world in their decimation of the puny Dolphins.  This game without a doubt proves that next year will be the Bills’ year (if we keep saying it, someday we’ll be right…).  The young defense is only going to get better when the greedy Jarius Bryd flies south to Houston or Tennessee (those are the types of teams to overpay for a guy while not surrounding him with any other talent thus leading to a 6-10 record) and CJ Spiller will be an elite back in this league even though he did go to Clemson.

And lastly we move on to your 2013 AFC East division champion New England Patriots!  I heard that the MD District Attorney’s office is looking into the four hour sexual assault that occurred on the field at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday evening.  That was a beautiful display of what good teams do when all the chips are on the table.  Once again, this is the type of win that galvanizes a team and leaves everyone with little doubt that the New England Patriots should now be the favorite to raise the Lombardi trophy in New Jersey come February (no seriously, I heard a few callers say this on the radio this morning).  It was awesome to see Logan Ryan blossom into a legitimate NFL cornerback even though it will give Bill more fuel for his burning “I love Rutgers guys” passion.  I also think that Jamie Collins looks like he might end up being an impact player at some point in his career.  The #2 seed is in their sights and all that stands in the way is a home game against a team that’s only beaten the Patriots twice in the last 12 years- go get it boys!

By Vinny


Editor’s note:  Happy Holidays.


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