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Week 6 AFC East Preview

Week 6 AFC East Preview
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Jets Host the Steel Curtain (Okay Tin Curtain now)

The Pittsburgh Steelers have not been the same team that holds the honor of six Super Bowl rings this season and they get to face a New York Jet team that has surpassed many around the league. At the beginning of the season the Jets were thought of as the clown circus of the AFC East, mostly for good reason given their situation. But, in the mist of all the media tribulations and the quarterback controversies the GangGreen has managed to to for second place in the division at 3-2 and possibly end up in sole 2nd place after Sundays game. The bad news is that the defense that has brought the team this far might of just lost one of their key corners in Antonio Cromarte. It was reported yesterday that Cromarte will be undergoing and MRI for a non-contact knee injury and the Jet organization is concerned. Still, the Steelers are minus-nine in turnover differential and with a sieve for an offense the Jet defense should still have a pretty decent outing with or with out Cromarte. Lets just hope the Jets don’t fall into the trap of complacency that sometimes comes with facing a team that ranks at the bottom in most categories and shot themselves in the foot early on as this game will be all about defense.


Prediction: 17 – 14 Jets


The 5-0 Saints are Marching in to New England

So far the Saints have been looking like the 2009 Super Bowl Champions and they bring their talents to Gillette Stadium this Sunday and the Patriots get a real test of a team on the very high rise. The Patriots come off a poor showing against the Bengals last week and Tom Brady, well lets just say he was in unfamiliar territory, and the defense got caught napping late in the fourth. Now facing a much tougher offense and one of the best defenses they will face so far in the Saints the Patriots might end up sharing a spot with, you guessed it…the Jets. This game will be about speed and ball control and the Saints have proven to be masters of that earning a well deserved number 2 spot in the power rankings. With weapons like Jimmy Graham, Darren Sporles and Marques Colston all in peak form Drew Brees could have a field day. But yet again the Patriots have Bill and Tom and somehow with all the key loses in personal they have faced this year they have seemed to be able to adapt and maintain the number one spot in the AFC East. Sadly i just can’t see this game being the shoot out it needs to be for Brady and company to come out with a victory.


Prediction: 34 – 14 Saints


The Bengals at the “New” Buffalo Bills

EJ Manuel suffered a knee injury that that will leave him out for several weeks during last weeks game versus the Browns making a tough job for a first year head coach tougher. I say the “New” bills because Doug Marrone made the decision early in the week to sign Thad Lewis off the practice squad and start him Sunday against the Bengals. With his second ever career start Lewis will be facing a team that handed a loss to the rival Patriots. This situation could not be any worse for a rookie QB to face the 3-2 stingy Bengal defense that held Tom Brady to 0 touchdowns. I don’t want to continue on with the “doom” report because i actually feel bad for the Mighty Buffalos but there is really just no way to sugar coat it – the Bills will be looking at the bottom of the AFC East once again this week and all we can hope is that a golden arm is bestowed upon Thad Lewis.


Prediction: 27 – 3 Bengals


Miami Dolphins on the Bye

No doom for the phins this week but a lot of work still needs to be done lets see if they can get their offensive line together by the time they face one of their divisional rivals in the Bills for Week 7.

Prediction: Lots and lots of practice roll outs


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