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It’s time dust off the fisherman’s Crystal Football.

This week’s Mid season divisional match up is:

Bills @ Dolphins, and the Patriots @ Jets.

First let’s look at the Bills@Dolphins.

DOLPHINS ICON  The Dolphins are coming off a much needed bye week after back to back losses to both Saints and Ravens. The OL has allowed Tannehill to be sacked so many times, the grocery stores want to label him. However, the Dolphins have shown tenacity in the face of adversity. They have a very good Red Zone efficiency rating. All you statisticians can look up the numbers.

Now the Bills

BILLS ICON After a heart braking loss against the Bengals in OT, the main question is still the QB. Who will it be this time? EJ is out, Tuel is too green, Thad has a bad hoof. Flynn? Someone? Anyone? The defense is good enough to keep them in the game without much doubt. But is the defense enough to stop the Dolphins offense? Too many questions and not enough time.

Can Tannehill keep running for his life against the Bills defense?

The Crystal Football says:  27-17 Dolphins



Another game of questions:

First the Patriots.

PATRIOTS ICON After the smoke had cleared, the Patriots are 5-1. How they did it with a shaky WR corps is still a BIG question. Tom Brady’s “One Minuit Miracle” in Foxborough was a thing of beauty. But, where was that kind of play calling for the whole game?? Not only did the Saints defense give up in the last minutes (so did the Pats fans), But the DC Ryan actually looked shocked. With the injuries, will the Brady bunch have it together for the Jets?

Now the Jets.

JETS ICON {cue the “Jets” song from “Westside Story”…….ok stop}

A lot of questions on offense as well. The biggest is the rookie QB, Geno Smith. Floundering against a sluggish Steelers team does not speak well of their ability to move the ball effectively. Three field goals will not beat the Patriots. This team has a good defense. The offense is weak. No red zone threat. The defense may keep them in it for the first quarter, after that……..

The Crystal Football says:  35-13 Patriots.


Let the AFCE Rivalry begin!



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