Weekly Predictions-Episode 3

Luciano 11

Weekly Predictions-Episode 3
Luciano 11
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Eagles @ Jets
Eagles come to town with their heads between their legs, begging for a miracle, as Chip begs the Pope to come and help!
The Eagles are 0-2, who would have predicted that? I mean Chipster’s fast paced offense that has turned Ducks into Eagles is just not chipping. The college genius turned HC turned GM has this team right where he wants it, with America watching. This jokester has gotten the GM fired, he traded his best RB and signed two others. He released OL, he made head scratching moves, so why the shock? The Eagles last year became a favorite among many, including myself, however, the encore is not quite what we expected. Sam Bradford, he of the never can play a full season types, has been asked to run this fast paced up-tempo revelation. Sam sucks, and he couldn’t up-tempo a HS team. The Eagles suck defensively, have no OL, no QB, just fast moving parts.
The Jets have been a solid group defensively with just enough offense to make sure a W goes in the books, that is who Todd Bowles is. The biggest improvement, besides seriousness and a business like attitude? Take aways, the Jets had a whopping total of 13 a year ago, among the worst in the NFL, today they already sit at 10 after two games. Fitzmagic has been nothing but steady; Marshall has been all that was advertised and way more, as a matter of fact, he has changed this offense all by himself.
This game will be a desperate team playing on the road, in front of a loud crowd, against a team that is clicking. It will not be close because the up-tempo stuff is great if you can score at will, but it hurts your defense too. The Jets play the exact opposite, as they try to control the clock. Philly plays right into the Jets game plan, Jets win 27-10


Jaguars @ Patriots
The now Elite Jags waltz into New England with aspirations of making it two in a row against AFCE teams.
The Jaguars pulled the unthinkable last Sunday, and defeated the more talented Miami Dolphins. Everything went well for them at home, including a Bortles that defied reality. This week the game is to try to beat one of the best home starters at QB of all time.
The Patriots are coming off an emotional win, in Buffalo, where Rex was made to kiss Belichick’s rings, again. The Pats are a strange team this year, and so far we don’t really know who they are, other than Tom’s Disciples. Edelman is having what may become his best season yet. Gronk is ready to kill everyone that thinks they can stop him, Tom is trying to hit Goodel’s face with every pass, and BB is just sitting back enjoying it.
This week, this game, is not really a game. The Pats will score and the Jags will attempt to, but it will not be close at all, as the Patriots win 36-13


Bils @ Dolphins
Wow, what a difference a week makes! A week ago, the respective fan bases were looking at this as a fight for who would be in sole possession of first place, now its about who will sleep in the basement for at least a week.
The Bills game was so hyped, it had all the smells of years past. Unfortunately some of those hyped games work, many don’t, this one didn’t. The Patriots were better prepared and have more experience to overcome deficiencies. Brady, Belichick and Gronk made this about revenge, and it was very obvious to me after the first half. This team could have sat on the huge lead, instead wanted total humiliation, and it truly almost backfired, as Tyrod carried his team almost all the way back. This week, its a different game, different atmosphere, different type of opponent.
The Dolphins entered this season as probably the most hyped up team in the NFL, so much so, I (the so called hater) even picked them to make the playoffs. Signing the game’s best available defensive free agent (I really think that was Revis) took this fan base to new heights. Week one was excused because they won, even if not impressing, but to lose to the perennial lowly Jaguars has to have hurt some rear ends. Outside of Tannehill, who remains a walking target, Landry and Jones on D, they all sucked! Suh should be refunding some money, because he looks like he is working for minimum wage and just filling out hourly cards with bogus times, while sleep walking the rest of the time.
This week, both teams better wake up! This was the hardest game to pick, by far. I think that the team that wants it more, will win, that want begins at HC. The Bills have a better HC, who can motivate, while Joe inspires death. The Bills also have a better defense and running game. The Dolphins are much better at QB, but both OLs suck! The Dolphins are not running, nor will they this week. As a result, the better coached team wins a close one, a low scoring affair, Bills win 16-13


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