Buffalo Bills 2014 Draft – Who’s on 1st

Buffalo Bills 2014 Draft – Who’s on 1st
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The draft is coming up and everyone is dying for it to actually happen. For the Bills they will pick in the top 10 again and hope to get the guy to take them over the hump. What this means is they are now looking at who to take in the 1st. Right here is the list of 1st round picks that I think they will be targeting (excluding Mack since he is a local and didn’t have a public pre-draft visit). [table “39” not found /]

Trade up to the top 5

The first potential scenario is they trade up for Watkins or Mack. The cost of it would at least be the #9 pick as well as the 2nd round pick. However to get a guy like Watkins who is the most electrifying player in this class, would definitely be a very good player to help with the offense as a whole and especially EJ Manuel.  Mack is the other option as he is the most well-rounded defensive player  in this class and would be a great LB to go with Kiko Alonso. While the cost is steep, if either fall to 5, the Bills will be giving some calls to the Raiders about moving up.

Stay at 9

The most likely situation is they stay at 9 and pick from the trifecta of Mike Evans, Jake Matthews and Eric Ebron. Evans is the big target that is a Brandon Marshall/Vincent Jackson hybrid, Matthews is the stud tackle that can do it all and Ebron is the new age TE that is an athletic freak. One of those three should be there (Evans might not and they could potentially trade up for him). A sleeper pick for here is Odell Beckham Jr who while not as big an athletic freak like Watkins, is a far better route runner and can do some things in space

Trade Down

The last choice is trading down and picking up extra picks. This is what they want and with a deep draft class is a good idea. They could move down to a range of areas as moving back a little gets them Zach Martin, moving down to mid-1st gets them Fuller and moving back to the 20’s gives them Shazier. If the Bills move back, the likely target is to get a defensive stud and double up on offense in the 2nd.

Optimist Scenario: Mike Evans falls down to #9, everyone is happy happy happy

Dewm Scenario: Bills take Ebron even though one of Evans or Matthews is there. The opposite


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