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Why Tim Tebow can help the Pats

Why Tim Tebow can help the Pats
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In June eleven, of this year the press release was published that Tim Tebow had been signed by the Patriots. Quite a few sports writers quickly began deriding the move, expressing that Tebow likely wouldn’t even make the roster. Although there are several reasons Tebow won’t just have on a Patriots shirt this season, he will help the good results of the crew.

A primary reason the majority of the critics give will be the lack of output through Tebow last season with the Jets. But his low output there had a great deal more regarding often the Jet’s poor usage of Tim’s talents than it did with any insufficiency on his part. The Jets took an excellent player and basically wasted 12 months of his career.

Tim Tebow brings many things to the Pats that will help the squad. The first is something that they badly desire right this moment, and something Tim is already serving up – positive press. Cherish him or loathe him, Tim debatably has the very best reputation for values and personal ethics in the NFL. With all that has occurred this summer with former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez in jail in association with a murder, Tim in a Pats uniform does only positive things for the squad.

With the discharge of Hernandez they have a position to fill at tight end. We already understand that Tim Tebow is exceptionally athletic, can hang on to and run with the football, and is not a tiny man. At 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing in at 235 lbs he has all the size imperative to play tight end.

Tim Tebow is also no slouch at quarterback. Keep in mind, he won the Heisman trophy as a sophomore, and guided his team to the national championship. Besides establishing school and conference records for passing efficiency, he furthermore smashed college rushing records held by Emmet Smith and Herschel Walker. His college stats and track record positively indicate that he is a accomplished quarterback, and his operation in the the National Football League at Denver demonstrate he can play quarterback at the highest possible level.

Yes, Brady is the Patriots starting quarterback, and will retain that spot all year barring injury. But it is nice to know that they have a sound replacement in the wings should Tom need it. Most importantly, Tim knows how to be successful. His results in 2011 with the Broncos was miraculous. He took over as quarterback with a 1-4 record, and crafted a series of come from behind wins that got the Broncos into the playoffs. His heroics against a hugely favored Steelers squad were unbelievable, pulling out an extraordinary win in overtime. Yes, Tim Tebow and the Denver Brocos lost the following game to the Patriots. But the fact that Tim is now donning Patriots jersey #5 says that coach Belichick observed enough in that contest to know that he was a good fit for the club. Given his background as arguably the top coach in the NFL over the past ten years, the critics might want to alter their position.

By Bob James

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