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AFC East: Buffalo Bills Focus

AFC East: Buffalo Bills Focus
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JJ Watt

Well, this is usually the time I do my Buffalo Bills recap, but there’s not much about the previous game I want to talk about. So, I’ll cover that as quickly as possible, then I can focus on the far more interesting fallout that happened the day after the game.

So, yeah. Houston. EJ Manuel put up one of the worst performances of his young career, on the road, against a freak of nature like JJ Watt. What boggles my mind is that the Bills OC was so eager to throw the ball in the face of that monster pass rush and would not commit to the run against a very poor run defense. There’s one thing that’s been clear through the last 2 seasons of Buffalo Bills football and that is when we run the ball more than we pass, we usually win. The last 2 games the Bills have forced EJ Manuel to throw the ball 39+ times for no legitimate reason. A 7  or 10 point deficit with more than a quarter does not mean you go into pass happy mode, you can still run the ball effectively and score points. It’s certainly a better option than failing at the passing game and losing by default.

And you certainly don’t resort to a passing attack when you’re facing arguably the best player in the NFL. JJ Watt is a beast, a giant among men, and he made the Bills pay for their stupidity in more ways than one. It’s still infuriating to think about the horrendous playcalling that Can’t Hack-ett put together on Sunday. The only positive side of the game was the spectacularly good run defense the Bills have put together. Yes, you heard that right. “Bills”, “good”, and “run defense” in the same sentence. They’re currently 3rd in rushing yards allowed per game, behind only the Jets and 49ers. It’s not much a silver lining, but I’ll take it.

Now, on to the aftermath. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Kyle Freakin’ Orton Era has begun in Buffalo. If there ever was a referendum on the stupidity of the Bills current staff, this is it. It’s a brilliant idea, really. Why not replace a young, struggling QB with tons of upside if only he can get some of the more technical and mental details under control with a guy who has played 10 seasons in the NFL, has never once had a season that would be considered above average, and has career numbers that are almost identical to the kid he’s replacing. It’s brilliant! All of the current Bills problems will be solved with this one, electrifying move! And when the Bills end up 2-14 with the #1 overall pick going to Cleveland, the fans will rejoice as Marrone, Hackett, and Co. are all shipped out and start praying Terry P. hires someone with a clue to be the next head coach. Also, Kyle Orton looks like a pedophile.

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