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AFC North Afternoon Roundup

AFC North Afternoon Roundup
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You were expecting something else?

We’ll hold off on the weekend recap for now, as I’m sure most AFC North readers need not be reminded about their teams’ lackluster performances (yes, even you, Bengals fans).  The collective performances of our beloved group certainly could have been better.

For now, enjoy the scantily-clad cheerchick and today’s afternoon links.

Baltimore Ravens

Wideout/returner Jacoby Jones has a pulse.

My Take:  Perhaps, but not much of one.  While Jones’ 72-yard return was key in keeping the Ravens ahead for much of the fourth quarter, his near-fumble on the game’s final return was catastrophic to their last-minute chances.  I’m still not convinced.

Cleveland Browns

Wideout Miles Austin remains hospitalized with a kidney injury, but may be released today.

My Take:  Here’s hoping Austin is discharged soon and back on the field, as he’s been instrumental in getting the Browns to this point, especially in the absence of recently-suspended wideout Josh Gordon.

Cincinnati Bengals

In anticipation of Sunday’s game against the Steelers, punter Kevin Huber posted a comical tweet.

My Take:  Nice quip by Huber.  Good to see that he’s preparing for the inevitable.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The team is mulling their options after the season-ending injury to defensive end Brett Kiesel.

My Take:  Expect to see a lot more of rookie Stephon Tuitt, as he appears to be the best option to fill the void.  Time to grow up, kid.

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