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New England Patriots – Who to Root For Week 14

New England Patriots – Who to Root For Week 14
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New England Patriots


Chance of making the playoffs



  • No Clinching Scenarios have emerged yet for the Patriots


  • Upcoming games which matter most to the Patriots
Week 14 Impact on the Patriots playoff chances
Patriots @ Chargers If Patriots win +9.18% If Chargers win -9.39%
Ravens @ Dolphins If Ravens win +1.82% If Dolphins win -1.88%
Broncos vs. Bills If Broncos win +1.39% If Bills win -1.45%
Cardinals vs. Chiefs If Cardinals win +1.11% If Chiefs win -1.15%
Colts @ Browns If Colts win +0.48% If Browns win -0.51%
Jaguars vs. Texans If Jaguars win +0.26% If Texans win -0.30%
Bengals vs. Steelers If Bengals win +0.22% If Steelers win -0.25%
Lions vs. Buccaneers If Lions win +0.17% If Buccaneers win -0.15%
Saints vs. Panthers If Saints win +0.14% If Panthers win -0.10%
49ers @ Raiders If 49ers win +0.12% If Raiders win -0.15%
Falcons @ Packers If Falcons win +0.12% If Packers win -0.15%
Rams @ Redskins If Rams win +0.11% If Redskins win -0.08%



 The New England Patriots are all but guaranteed a spot in the 2014 playoffs, the question now is weather or not the road to the Super Bowl will be through Foxborough. Currently the Patriots hold the number one seed in the AFC earning a bye and home field advantage throughout. Week 14 will be arguably the most important for them because it will have huge ramifications come the playoffs. If the Chargers (8-4) somehow manage to win this matchup on Sunday night, the Patriots will be more than just knocked off the top tier but land squarely on the 3rd spot. This game is not one to take lightly for the Patriots as the record shows Brady is 2-2 at Qualcomm Stadium and the two wins have been decided by 3 points each. Even with that history, the Patriots have been playing their best football in years so odds are that they will win and vegas agrees as they open up as 3 point favorites. Another bit of history to ease the minds of Pat’s fans (as if it was needed), no team comes back from a loss better than the Pats. Since 2003, the Pats are 36-4 after a loss, and have won the last nine in a row. The Patriots have won their last three games following a loss by an average of 27.7 points. So there you have it, this is by far the most important game for the Patriots this week as home field advantage is at stake.
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