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AFCE Week in Review & Links

AFCE Week in Review & Links
Luciano 11
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Oh What a Week!

Oh boy! I have a headache, this week has brought back so many memories, none of which are good.

  1. Jets introduce their future
  2. Bills are Rexfied
  3. Dolphins seem to have died
  4. Patriots…….OMG!

The Jets introduced two local products as their new GM and HC. Mike Maccagnan (who I will start referring to as MM, that should confuse some) really impressed me with his honesty and football mind. In Jets land we have not had a real football mind since Bradway lost any power he had, 2006. MM, a native of Hightstown, N.J, has been with the Houston organization since the team was awarded the expansion, 18 years ago. He has been involved in scouting and personnel all this time. A fresh start for us Jets fans, gone are the CAP specialist, which by the way, is MM’s weakness. Someone else will help him with those duties. He quickly cleaned the house, and every dead man walking, including Bradway (who somehow survived numerous changes and stayed even with demotions) were ushered out the door, never to be seen near Jets World again.

Todd Bowles (which I will refer to as TB, screw you Tom!) is a native of Elizabeth (NJ). His first NFL job was when Al Groh hired him, way back in 2000. Bill Parcels, the GM at the time, liked him so much that he took him everywhere he went, Dallas, Miami. He is another DC, but I really loved what he said numerous times all week. I will not call offensive plays, my job is to run the entire team. That is so refreshing to hear.

The Bills have Rex, and Rex has basically moved the entire coaching staff to Buffalo, even folks from that amazing offense we had. Lee, the QB coach who was so good with Geno, will now screw up EJ. Lee actually had the “balls” to accuse Geno’s performance this week. Look Geno sucked, we all agree, but Mr. “Bruce” Lee, you were his mentor, he sucked, you failed, good riddance!

The Dolphins? All we here and see is that gone are the orange seats, and Sun Death is becoming Sun Life. Other than that, no news from Down Under.

The Patriots should be and are the center of all conversation this week. Belichick’s squad is once again preparing to play in the biggest stage the league has to offer. However, nobody remember that, big, flattened, airless deflated balls got in the way. I have written enough about it, if you want my opinion go back to yesterday’s article


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