American League Wildcard – Game Day!

American League Wildcard – Game Day!
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I know, I know. This is a football site, what the heck is up with all this baseball nonsense? Well, it’s October and we have a rare situation where two American League teams are facing off in a single elimination game. On top of that, we just so happen to have regular members here who dedicated fans for each team and this page is for them. And also for me to have some fun.

 Now, on to the two teams in the game tonight. In one corner, we have the hopelessly inept, the lovable losers, the horribly mismanaged… the Oakland Athletics. This team is a total laughingstock, am I right? They may win a few games here and there, but they never win the big one and that starts and ends with Brandon Beane. So I have been told by someone who is never wrong, according to him.
In the other corner, we have the Blessed Yankees. You heard me right, this isn’t just America’s team, this is GOD’S OWN CHOSEN TEAM! This team can do no wrong, and I mean that literally. Everything they do is correct, even if it’s technically cheating. Rules are for lesser teams, with a lesser purpose. Kiss the 27 rings, bitch.
I have to admit, even though I despise baseball in general, I am a little bit excited for this game. Or, more accurately, the potential aftermath. The fallout with our resident punching bag, TVI, could be nothing short of epic if the Blessed Yankees are eliminated by the pathetic A’s. So, GAME ON, I say!


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