Archer Weekly: Free At Last

Archer Weekly: Free At Last
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This was a great week for one team in the AFCE as the Buffalo Bills were the only team you secure a win while the other three teams embarrassed themselves. In the college ranks, one school made the wise decision of ridding themselves of their terrible coach thanks to the nice donation of 17 million from one angry fan from Boston.

Buffalo Bills: The Lone Winner

The Bills hosted the Washington Football team in windy Buffalo and the wind really affected the play. Neither team really threw the ball as the run game dictated the day. Josh Allen only threw the ball twenty times but he was very efficient in his play. The Bills decided to use Singletary for the entire game and he made big plays from the beginning. The officiating however was horrendous as rookie Dawson Knox had a TD and 1st down taken from him due to the ball being conveniently placed short. The only concern for the game was the run defense could not stop Adrian Peterson who should be getting a random drug test soon. Overall it was a good win for the Bills who are on track for a 1st round playoff exit.

New England Patriots: Calculated

The New England Patriots suffered their first loss to the Baltimore Ravens of all teams. They had trouble against the RB pretending to be a QB in Lamar Jackson and the run defense was as bad as the Bills. Tom Brady is washed up and the offense refused to use Ryan Izzo and it showed with the offense only scoring twenty points. However this was a loss pre planned by the evil Emperor. Every year the Patriots lose one game they shouldn’t in the middle of the year when they are starting to get complacent. Then they go on a run and win the Super Bowl. The Patriots did not get outplayed by accident, this was planned from the beginning and they will be back and dominating the rest of their schedule until they lose to the Saints in the Super Bowl.

Miami Dolphins: Had One Job

The Miami Dolphins were trying to tank this year for Tua and were actually controlling their own destiny. The hardest games on their schedule were against the Jets and Bengals as those teams were bad enough to give the Dolphins a challenge. The first of those challenges came this week against the Jets and the Dolphins failed miserably. They were dominant from the beginning as Ryan Fitzmagic was slicing up a terrible Jets defense. The defense failed in their job of making Sam Darnold look good. To be fair, that is hard to do, it takes a smart defense or the Dallas Cowboys to make Sam Darnold look good so I won’t be too hard on the defense. But sadly even after a late comeback from the Jets, the Dolphins were able to hang on. The only bright spot is they can control their destiny still, they just need to lose to the Jets and Bengals and they might still get the #1 pick.

New Jersey Jets: LOL

The Jets are the biggest disgrace in the NFL this year. First they are the only people dumb enough to make Adam Gase their HC despite him being a gigantic failure in Miami the past three years. Then they waste all this money to sign LeVeon Bell who didn’t even break 4.0 yards per carry against a defense not even trying. Sam Darnold yet again was terrible and should be thankful Josh Rosen is in his class or else he would be the biggest QB bust of 2018. The Jets are a very bad team and not only that, their doctors are incompetent too. If the NFL was smart, they would replace the Jets with one of the Canadian Football teams.

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