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Community Guidelines – “The Refresher”

Community Guidelines – “The Refresher”
S/R Staff
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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he other day during the middle of the afternoon there were some questions popping up regarding moderation practices and policies, i myself spent over an hour trying to explain them and get the blog talking about what we are here to talk about – Football!

Due to the questions and points brought up i made some changes to the “About Us” section regarding the guidelines and i feel a re-fresher is warranted.

First of: The entire policy is outlined in the “About Us” seen here under Self Moderation and Posting Guidelines. You can find it on the top menu and footer menu under “About Us”.

Here is what you need to know: This site is self moderating and we are going to the Three Flag system and it is there for you to use. If someone offends you and hasn’t been dealt with, it is because no one or not enough people have flagged it. The other side is, if something is removed and you are bothered by it, it is because it was flagged by the community. All flags will be looked into by the moderators – and to maintain consistency rcr1959 will be making the decision whether a comment stays or goes. There will be “no banning of members” unless it becomes absolutely necessary to do so. The flag system is only there for the removal of comments and that is it, if there is a member that continues to disregard the rules set out in the guidelines then those cases will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Understand that we cannot be here 24 hours a day and read every single comment posted, there is no team of moderators to keep an eye on everything. Myself, Buffalo-Soldier and rcr are the only ones with the ability to hide, edit or delete a comment but the ultimate decision rests on rcr and the community with the flags.

In short: We almost never moderate comments (or any other content) unless it’s flagged multiple times by members of the community. If you want to bring something to our attention, the best way to do so isn’t to comment on it, or especially to rip into whoever offended you – it’s to flag it. Just click the “flag” link in the byline to whichever comment you deem inappropriate.

If you have a problem with a certain comment and you need it resolved right away you can click on the support button on the bottom left corner, if you want to have a discussion about the comments or the moderation – the place for it is in the Forum section here (footer menu) not on the blog as it disrupts the conversation for everyone else. Doesn’t that sound easy? It is better then starting a flame war on the blog

As a whole, I know the community will do a fantastic job of not abusing the flag system. You guys are very good about self moderating and i truly don’t care if someone drops the f-bomb once in a while or the like, but if every other comment has vulgarity on it then it will go “poof” for the simple reason it doesn’t look good!

Hopefully, this clears up any confusion on how we do things on the moderation front. Also, if anyone wants to know who does what and how to get a hold of them, well here you go: Meet the Staff




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