Dolphins Game Recap – Week 6


Dolphins Game Recap – Week 6
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Allow me to take this moment and tell all those know thinks coaches aren’t a huge part of a winning or losing team. I understand its one game and I know we’re still 0-2 in the division, but hot damn we looked so much better. Where was that fire that edge to say f-it we’re going for it. I will go on record that OV’s low hit on Mariota was border line and expect a hefty fine from the league. But to see the Fins play lights out across the board was refreshing.
Jarvis “Juice” Landry should get a status built outside the stadium. This kid has become my favorite Dolphin replacing Zach Thomas. That one reverse handoff shows the guts and determination the guy has. Crafty play calling from Lazor, which makes me believe Philbin had a hold on the play calling. Running game was stout against a respectable defense that’s playing good all season. O-line held their own wasn’t the best but was able to get the running game going to which brings me to Miller Time. So great to see the RBs running north and south. Again, where was this 5 weeks ago? Kenny Stills moved into the starting lineup was genius and Rashard Matthews is legit.
This is how you play from now on this is how you play. D-line FINALLY showed up. Granted against a weaker o-line but they feasted and dominated the game from start to finish. Welcome back Wake and Suh glad there’s still pride under those pads. It’s all what we as fans, management and owner envisioned during the off season. And guess what with all that pressure up front resulted to 2 INTS one for pick 6 and a beat up Mariota. Again the low hit from OV I do not accept but aside from that defense played like we all hoped they would.
Special Teams
Overall good game, kicking game did their job as well as punt and kickoff coverage. Only negative was the block from behind call that scratched Landry’s nice return. Aside from that good work on the special team.
I am happy to see this team play with some balls. About time they played to their full potential. Granted it’s one win but that’s all we need to get it going. Now there’s 11 games left and schedule will get harder. If the Fins play like they did yesterday I like our chances against any team.


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