Week 6 Recap

Luciano 11

Week 6 Recap
Luciano 11
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Dolphins @ Titans
My pick: Dolphins win a close one 17-14, it was never close.
Despite another multiple INT day by Ryan Tannehill, the Dolphins won and did so soundly. Dan Campbell debuted in the best of ways, and so far, it appears his tough approach is working.
Offensively the Dolphins didn’t look like the inept squad of the first 4 weeks, as they ran extremely well behind Lamar Miller. Clearly Lazor was given strict orders to stop playing that ridiculous offense of his, as the team ran 32 times and passed 29. This makes for a much better, more trustworthy game plan, and it does prevent the QB from losing games. Landry remains my favorite player on this team.
Defensively is were the biggest change was evident. Cameron Wake rejoined the group with a 4 sack performance. In total 6 sacks is amazing when you consider the team had 1 total in the previous 4 weeks. Dolphins defense also stopped the Titans from running, another big difference. Suh is still not earning his salary.
Campbell should be very happy with the overall performance of his team, This was a much needed win, with a beatable Texans at home next week.

Bengals @ Bills
My pick: Bengals 20-17, well, not quite the game I envisioned.
Despite the return of LeSean McCoy, the Bills were never a match for this Bengals team. Rex needs to go back to the drawing board, and also look in the mirror, because his D is not doing.
Offensively Tyrod did not play, in his place EJ Manuel did not necessarily screw it up; EJ continues to look like the unsure QB he has been since day one, the man needs a little loving, and he is not getting any. McCoy ran for 90, which is shocking to me (benched in FF). Bills offense is not why this game adds a 1 to the L column.
Defensively this is a shell of the unit that led them to 9 wins a year ago. Zero sacks on the day tells the story. The Red Rocket is only a rocket if he has no pressure to deal with, Bills failed to turn him into the mistaken riddled QB we all know he can be.
Rex cannot be happy with this performance, and when your defense gives up 34, you shouldn’t expect to win, unless Brady is at QB. Next up is a trip to London and face the Jags. I wouldn’t automatically put this one in the win column.
Redskins @ Jets
My pick: Jets win 23-10. Close
I knew the Redskins wouldn’t be able to score much, and if it wasn’t for bone head fumbles by Decker and Marshall, this might have been a shut-out.
Offensively is the area that has improved the most this year. The addition of Brandon Marshall cannot be measured, he has changed everything. Fitzpatrick seems to do just enough to let his playmakers make plays. Ivory is a beast, and maybe Brandon was right, Ivory is the best RB in the league. Yesterday he also caught short passes that turned into huge gains, something he almost never did before. This offense is scoring at a regular rate, and that is why the team may go a long way.
Defensively, I’m not sure there is a unit playing any better. The return of Sheldon has added yet another weapon to that formidable DL. Jets continue to drop RBs for losses at a regular rate, every game. Revis had another INT, giving him 6 turnovers, and I believe its the league lead.
Todd Bowles should be very happy with the way this team responded after the half. The Jets came out flat, making mistakes, but something clicked in the locker room. One good sign? Penalties were way down this week. Up next the Mighty Patriots at Gillette.
Patriots @ Colts
My pick: Patriots win 45-27, I had half of it right, I just thought the Patriots were 11 points better than what they showed us.
The Patriots are undefeated and clearly the best team in football. This Colts game was not as easy as we originally imagined, but the Pats did what needed to be done.
Offensively there are so many weapons, it’s sickening. On a night Dion Lewis went back to obscurity, Blount picked it up. While Gronk was looking at his GPS to figure out where Lucas Oil was, Chandler stepped up. As Edelman (may have won me $400 at DraftKings) was busy showing off his crooked pinky, Amendola stepped up.

 Defensively this team is reminiscent of years past, when the offense outscores everyone, and all it needs to do is make sure the other team scores just less.
Overall hard to really say anything negative, the Patriots are on fire, and the division’s best defense will try to cool off those engines, next Sunday.


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