How The West Was Won: Week 10


Raiders. Just Win Baby. Raider Nation.

How The West Was Won: Week 10
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What a crazy week in the AFC West. Let’s jump right in.


Denver at Saints: For the third time this season the Saints played an extremely tight game with an AFC West opponent. All three should have ended with a 1 point difference with the Saints going 2-1. Unfortunately for the Saints, The Broncos watched the Seahawks special teams film and recreated the Ravens Browns game from last season. The Denver defense was at it again forcing 4 turnovers. Siemian completed 62% of his passes and the Denver rush attacked just broke 100 yards at 103. But what’s really worrisome was the 6 sacks that Denver gave up. The defense gave up a ton of yards, but the yards aren’t important in a shoot out. It’s this D’s ability to force turnovers not hold teams to 10 points like last season. This is the second game in a row the Denver D has given up 21+. Denver is holding onto third place…barely.


Dolphins at Chargers: Well, it was fun while it lasted San Diego. Enjoy your 72 degree winter. Because in this division, you’re done. See you in April. Philip Rivers did his best Jay Cutler impression which cost them the game. You just can’t win games throwing 2 picks, one returned for a TD, in the last 4 minutes of the game. The Chargers have a good core of young players (Gordon, Tyrelle Williams, and Baby Watt aka the Hold Out aka Joey B!) and they would be wise to draft a QB this year and let him sit for a year and learn under Rivers. As the wise soothsayer Negrodamus called in the comments the Chargers pass defense would make Ryan Tannehill look like Tom Brady. And sure enough he completed 70% of his passes, threw for 2 TDs and no picks. Check the comments folks.


Chiefs at Panthers: KC, much like Denver, kept their playoff hopes alive by the skin of their teeth. A gutty performance by the KC defense forcing two turnovers in the second half and returning one for a score. Marcus Peters continues to dominate, but this week he channeled his inner Peanut Tillman to lead the Chiefs to the win. Smith finally threw an interception after going 1208719837265988103710 pass attempts without one. The dink and dunk KC west coast offense continues to win despite not scoring an offensive touchdown in 7 quarters and having a QB that threw for less than 200 yards and no RB rushing for more than 61. Looking ahead two weeks to the KC vs Denver match up that could decide whose offense is more inept.


The Raiders had a bye. I was able to relax for a week. Had a lovely Sunday watching football as a casual fan. I stopped and smelled the roses. Listened to the birds chirp. Took in a deep breath of the Virginia mountain air. This week we have the Texans en casa en el Estadio Azteca. Mi primer juego de Raiders fue en Houston contra los Texans. Ganamos. No estoy diciendo que era yo. Pero fue. Ahora vamos a ganar el primer partido de fútbol real en México. Que los “Raiders se están moviendo a México” hablan …Viva La Raiders!!!!


Raiders. Just Win Baby. Raider Nation.

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