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Miami Dolphins – Who To Root For Week 14

Miami Dolphins – Who To Root For Week 14
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Miami Dolphins


Chance of making the playoffs



  • No Clinching Scenarios have emerged yet for the Dolphins


  • Upcoming games which matter most to the Dolphins
Week 14 Impact on the Dolphins playoff chances
Dolphins vs. Ravens If Dolphins win +19.18% If Ravens win -19.11%
Broncos vs. Bills If Broncos win +1.40% If Bills win -1.45%
Cardinals vs. Chiefs If Cardinals win +1.39% If Chiefs win -1.42%
Colts @ Browns If Colts win +1.10% If Browns win -1.04%
Bengals vs. Steelers If Bengals win +0.91% If Steelers win -0.92%
Jaguars vs. Texans If Jaguars win +0.72% If Texans win -0.73%
Raiders vs. 49ers If Raiders win +0.37% If 49ers win -0.31%
Patriots @ Chargers If Patriots win +0.23% If Chargers win -0.05%
Seahawks @ Eagles If Seahawks win +0.17% If Eagles win -0.22%
Bears vs. Cowboys If Bears win +0.13% If Cowboys win -0.10%
Packers vs. Falcons If Packers win +0.11% If Falcons win -0.08%
Panthers @ Saints If Panthers win +0.10% If Saints win -0.11%


The Miami Dolphins entered week 13 with the need to win on Monday Night against the Jets, a team with nothing to play for but pride, and in true Jet-Dolphin fashion the game was a tough one. For the first time this season, the Dolphins defense found a way to close the game and go home with a much needed win. The Dolphins go back home holding on to the 6th seed for the playoffs with 4 games left to play. By far the most important game is their own versus the Baltimore Ravens, especially when the crowded AFC is in a 6 way tie and the Ravens is one of those teams. The rest of the games to watch are the ones that trim the line behind the Dolphins. These games will be Broncos vs Bills, Cardinals vs Chiefs, Colts vs Browns and the Bengals vs Steelers in that order. The next game that will be important will be Patriots vs Chargers as a Chargers loss will mean the Dolphins move up to the 5th seed (provided the Dolphins win vs the Ravens). Although Dolphin fans will feel the need to want the Patriots to lose, the only good it will do is maybe open the door a tiny bit for the Dolphins to win the division and since this is not the most probable outcome, keeping the playoffs alive should be the priority.

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