Tank it, to the Limit

Tank it, to the Limit
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Tanks for the Memories

It was a pretty good week for Dolphin Fans with a big loss to the Jets and some major help from the Broncos to beat the Texans. Thanks to Al Riveron for that 3rd & 17 DPI review call, you’ll be getting a Christmas card. So Miami fans get Ws in the #1 and #2 games from last week. The Giants almost gave Miami hope of getting the #2 (which technically isn’t dead yet) with a surge against the Eagles Monday. Apparently Miami can still finish at #16 though, so Flores must keep his eye on the prize for Miami to secure a top 5 pick. Not a ton of change in the weekly Power Tankings, presented by CGC5783:

Another week of bad teams continuing to lose and good teams also continuing to lose…wait a sec, who’s winning then? Teams with winning streaks are not who you’d typically think. Outside of Baltimore and Kansas City, here’s the teams that are getting hot in December: Denver, Tampa Bay, Chicago, Tennesee and Pittsburgh. What do those teams all have in common? They all sucked just a month ago.

So while this article does focus on highlighting who can be the best at being the worst, it does offer a glimmer of hope for those at the top of the bottom. Because if there’s one thing this year has proven is that the line between being a great NFL team and one of the worst is not all that thick and some teams may be just one player away from returning to glory.
And now onto the weekly Fin Fan Rooting Rankings:

#1 still seems out of reach, but this week gives Miami a chance to get back in the running for #2.

  1. Giants (vs Miami): Giants face the Redskins and eagles after this to close out the year, a loss for miami here would all but secure a top 5 pick.
  2. Titans (vs. Houston): The least consistent team in the NFL (texans) could be on the outside looking in, if they lose to the Titans. That would give miami 2 top 20 picks. Houston plays the Buccs before hosting the Titans to close out the year.
  3. Redskins (vs Eagles): The Eagles are the second least consistent team in the NFL and they travel to DC to play the Redskins. A skins win would push Miami to #3 (assuming Miami loses). The Redskins play the Cowboys and Giants to close out the year.
  4. Lions (vs Tampa): After a hot start, the Lions have struggled immensely. They’re more likely to take a QB high than the Cards so they land here. The Lions finish with the packers and Broncos, so win here might be the last one they get.
  5. Cardinals (vs Browns): A Browns loss helps Miami’s SOS and gives them breathing room with the Cards. Arizona finishes out the year with the Rams and Seahawks, this is their last winnable game.
  6. Jaguars (@ Oakland) and Falcons (@ SF) – The two 4-9 teams visit the Bay area this weekend, neither are likely to win, but wins help solidify Miami in the top 5. Luckily, the Jaguars play the Falcons next week, so Miami will get at least 1 win of breathing room. The Jaguars also play the Colts, while the Falcons finish up with the Bucs.
  7. (tie) Steelers (vs Bills) and Bengals (vs Pats): Sorry Bills fans, but if the Steelers hit 9 wins, I haven’t found a way they can miss the playoffs. They also play the Jets next week so I’m counting the Steelers as having made the playoffs. A Bills loss helps Miami in SOS calculations for pick order, same with New England. Hopefully Miami can lose to the Bengals next week. Last week for SOS help from NE & BUF as remaining games are intra division.

And remember, Go Dolphins…

Just not this year

Editor’s Note: A 9-win Steelers team can miss the playoffs, so screw you!


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