The AFC North Offseason Buzz

The AFC North Offseason Buzz
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Yes, its that time of year again. NFL Combine interviews start today, followed by large shirtless men running the 40, as well as other eye-popping images.
Baltimore Ravens
Will the Ravens trade back from the 6th spot in the draft and grab additional picks? Some absolutly think they will, but draft guru Mel Kiper isn’t buying it.


My Take: Stockpiling picks does make sense. The Ravens not only have needs at multiple positions (stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before: wide receiver and cornerback… as well as at linebacker, left and right tackle, and overall depth), but they also have little to no salary cap space. The more draft picks they have, the higher the probability that they will find an inexpensive option to fill one of their holes. That said, if a nearly can’t miss starter falls to them and he addresses one of their pressing needs, they have to take him.
Cleveland Browns
Draft talk is heating up in Cleveland, and currently (as in perpetually) a quarterback is rumored to be their top target. If so, will it be Carson Wentz or Jared Goff?
My Take: Have at it, Cleveland. Fans are in hysterics already because they feel whichever quarterback the Browns pick, it will ultimately be the wrong choice. In my opinion, Goff is more of a Browns guy because he is closer to being NFL ready today. Wentz might be the better talent in the long run, but the Browns don’t have a history being patient with quarterback development (unless the QB’s character forces their hand). As a third option, the article mentions Paxton Lynch, who reminds the author of Joe Flacco. If so, and if Lynch ends up rising that high, the Browns would obviously have themselves an elite quarterback.
Cincinnati Bengals

Regarding the Bengals draft, most experts have Cincinnati grabbing a wide receiver.
My Take: Free agency will dictate which direction the Bengals will head in this year’s draft. They could lose their starting safeties and two cornerbacks. If that happened, defensive backs would be the most pressing need. Right now, there is no point in predicting the Bengals draft class unless someone has insight into the intentions of the Bengals front office. The Bengals certainly have the money to keep their free agents if they want them.
Pittsburgh Steelers
There are also plenty opinions on the direction the Steelers will take with their first pick including… Forbes?


My Take: Its always interesting to see a short cornerback at the top of the Steelers board. Recently they have had as much luck with this type of player as the Ravens have historicaly had at drafting wide receivers. My guess is IF they go with a cornerback, he will be less vertically challenged.

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