The Sideline Report Fantasy Review – Push for the Playoffs

The Sideline Report Fantasy Review – Push for the Playoffs
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We’re closing in on the official beginning of winter and the further we go, the normalcy of football and fantasy slides into place. The Patriots are again the top of the AFC East, the Jets, Phins and Bills all toil below them like some disgusting slog of a witch’s brew, and our fantasy playoffs are coming into focus! There was some great football played on Sunday as well as some team from Ohio that play acted as an NFL team against the Giants. I understand that money ball is trying its hand at the NFL but dude….you made Hue Jackson cry. Even Google won’t show him in Cleveland Browns garb. Seriously.

I mean really...have you ever seen him smile like that this season?

I mean really…have you ever seen him smile like that this season?

See?? Cleveland Browns coach wearing Bengals sideline gear. So sad.
This week’s match ups in the two leagues were on two ends of the spectrum: The D League all had closely contested games with the largest margin of victory at 19.26 points, where the average victory in the Dynasty league was nearly 40 points. Not much to look at for these games, so let’s look at the push to the playoffs in each league and see how this might shake out!
Starting off, yours truly will be in first place heading into the playoffs. No amount of suckitude on my part could remove me from the top spot with a record of 11-1. Belichick Yo’Self and FSociety both sit at 8-4 and play each other this week for a battle of second place. Dud’s Studs sits uncomfortably in 4th place at 7-5 with Keenan & Kelce, DireWolves, and Tyrod’s Tailor all at 6-6 and looking to edge themselves into the top 4. Keenan gets the luck of the draw against the winless Home Run Darby, where DireWolves and Tyrod’s Tailor draw much stiffer competition in Down with ODB and Tuck a Buck Express respectively. DireWolves are projected to lose big, but the contest between Tyrod and Tuck a Buck should be a good one.
My prediction after this week’s match ups for the top 6 of Dynasty will be:
1) Down With ODB
2) Belichick Yo’Self
3) FSociety
4) Dud’s Studs
5) Keenan & Kelce
6) DireWolves
Now as you may know (or may not…I don’t presume to know your brain), Dynasty also has a tournament to get the #1 draft pick in the following year’s rookie draft. Clearly leading the charge to the bottom is Home Run Darby at a Cleveland Browns pacing 0-12. He’s scoring on average 30 points less than the rest of the league. Be it strategy or be it something else, Darby is clearly the number 1 seed in the loser’s bracket. Coming up next is Tuck a Buck Express at 3-9 who is also guaranteed entry into the draft pick “lottery.” In the 3rd spot sits Evil Corp at 5-7. Depending on how the game goes with Dud’s Studs and DireWolves will decide on his participation in the tournament. Tyrod’s Tailor potential loss this week or next would land him in the tournament to grab another #1 pick (he got Zeke this year…not that we’re bitter) and potentially put him in prime position for next season. Remember, it’s good to be good and good to be bad. It sucks to be in the middle at 5/6 where you aren’t good enough to get into the playoffs and not crappy enough to enter the losers bracket.
Reminder that losers bracket only decides the #1 draft pick. After that, it goes by record. So if Evil Corp wins, Hoodie receives the top pick in the draft (or would if he hadn’t traded it to me earlier this season…) and then the order goes by record so Linkage would receive pick #2 and so on.
Still a lot to be decided but there is some fluidity of some people that could be in the top or bottom of the league before all is said and done.
D League
There are a lot of really good teams in the D League. We have a two way tie at the top in terms of record with I’m the Juggernaught and Dud’s Studs both at 9-3, but Juggernaught is in first by tie break. Up next is White Walkers and Liquor Box both at 8-4 and in the playoffs. Put your Drake on my is also at 8-4 and looking in from 5th place. Evil Corp is at 6-6 as is A Gurley Has No Name. DireWolves Pups are at 5-7 and in 8th place. Then a drastic drop off to Brady’s Deflated Balls at 1-11 and the accursed I Love Boobs at 0-12.
Clearly there is a lot that can happen at the top with 7 teams all within striking distance of each other. The biggest swing that could likely happen would be this upcoming week between Juggernaught and Drake, or White Walkers and Boobs. After losing the first 10 games by blanking their lineup, Boobs is now putting on an “effort” and putting out line ups. His team is no slouch with Jameis Winston, Antonio Brown, Brandin Cooks, Carlos Hyde…Both White Walkers and Evil Corp will have to navigate those waters to make the playoffs.
So as I see it this will be the top 6 in the D League:
1) I’m the Juggernaught
2) Dud’s Studs
3) Liquor Box
4) White Walkers
5) Evil Corp
6) Put your drake on my
This is tough because of how many teams are right there and how many matches there are between top contestants. Unlike Dynasty, there is no losers bracket. There’s just licking your wounds and wishing you had not drafted Blake Bortles in the 4th round or Arian Foster at all (guilty!).
So that’s how I see it going. We have 2 weeks left before the playoffs and it should be a good run. Best of luck to you this week and hopefully we get some good games going for this weekend!


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