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The Top Needs: Patriots Edition

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The Top Needs: Patriots Edition
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Phase 1 of Free Agency is finally over and teams now know what they need to address in the draft. For the Patriots, they really didn’t make a big splash in Free Agency, instead being content with what they have and signing some low-value guys. Instead they will turn to the draft to handle their biggest needs. The three biggest needs I have right now for them are: OG, CB and DT


Top Choices: Cam Erving, La’el Collins, AJ Cann, Laken Tomilson, Tre’ Jackson

The Pats have their tackles and center locked up at least for next year and the guard spot is next in line for upgrade. The great news is this is a really good guard class with the first three rounds having a bunch of talented guys. Collins and Erving are first round guys who offer some flexibility. If they want to wait to the 2nd round, Tomilson and Jackson are good choices there as both are very good in run blocking and have upside in pass protection once they work on their technique.


Top Choices: Carl Davis, Jordan Phillips. Eddie Goldman, Malcolm Brown, Arik Armstead

Wilfork being gone leaves a gaping hole in the middle of the defensive line. If they Pats want to fill that position, the 1st, early 2nd is where to address it.  Davis and Phillips are big boys who best fit is NT where they can just take up lineman and open up holes for another members. Phillips is the better of the two and has had injury problems, which guarantees he becomes a Pat.

If they want guys who are solid in run and pass, Goldman and Brown are the guys as despite their size, they have shown some ability to get to the passer as well as stop the run. Brown is the better of the two as he is a little bit quicker and disruptive in the passing game. Goldman reminds me a lot of Timmy Jernigan which isn’t a bad thing.

If they want to go for high upside, Armstead is the choice as he is still developing as a pass rusher and needs to bulk up. Probably not the best choice as they already got one undersized project in Easley.



I kid, Top Choices: Marcus Peters, Kevin Johnson, Jalen Collins, Byron Jones

Revis and Browner leaving has left a huge hole in the secondary that has to be filled. This is also a position that if they want a solid player, needs to be addressed early. Peters is the most talented of the corners but he has some major off the field issues which causes him to drop in the draft. Kevin Johnson was the lone bright spot at Wake Forest the past 4 years and he has good size and speed to be a #1 CB. Collins is intriguing because he has the tools but didn’t start much at LSU and Jones has shot up due to a great Combine and like Collins as the tools. If they don’t go DT with their 1st pick, CB is the choice with Peters being the best pick.

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