Top Tight End Draft Choices for the Bills

Top Tight End Draft Choices for the Bills
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The Bills need a big target, someone who can be a big body for the red zone as well as dominate the middle of the field. The best choice for this big target would be a tight end, preferably one who can block as well as catch. These are the top choices for the Bills that will be available in their first two picks.


1)      Eric Ebron from North Carolina

If the Bills want a playmaker at the tight end position, Ebron is the guy. He is small for a tight end (only 6’4 245) but he makes up for in athleticism. The closest comparison to him would be Vernon Davis as he is small for a tight end and not the greatest blocker in the world. At the Combine he ran an unofficial 4.5 40 (official was 4.6 but never trusts Eric Ebron TPthose things) which mean he can be a complete tight end that can stretch the middle of the field. He would be the perfect target for QB EJ Manuel who did the majority of his damage in the middle of field. Ebron has made amazing catches including a one-handed catch against the U as well as win a jump ball against Virginia Tech. That kind of freaky big receiver is something the Bills greatly need as their offense is built around burners and slot guys. The Bills could take him at #9 if they want but he is also available if they trade back, but not too much, the Jets are another team that would love to have him to help their young QB out too.

2)      Jace Amaro from Texas Tech

Amaro is a different kind of tight end. Most tight ends line up next to the offensive tackle and move out from there. Amaro however was mostly used as a slot receiver at Tech. He lined up in the slot 87.5 % of the time and was mainly covered by either nicker corners jace amaroor safeties. His actual blocking ability is hard to gauge as well considering he was for the most party blocking guys half his size. But the one thing he would give is a big target. At 6’5 265 he is an oversized wide receiver that can win every matchup thrown to him. He has an ability to make the difficult catches and with this less than spectacular speed (he ran a 4.66 in the Combine) he still finds ways to get open. The only downside is whenever he catches a ball, most of the time someone is able to bring him down quickly. If the Bills want a primarily receiving threat, Amaro would be a good choice and he could either be at their 2nd round pick or trade down from #9.

3)      Troy Niklas from Notre Dame

Nicknamed “Hercules”, Niklas stands at 6’6 270 and looks like a better version of Rob Gronkowski. Niklas is more like the traditional tight end, he was in-line (lined up next to the tackle) 70% of the time. What I like about him is how physical a blocker he is, he -troy-niklasseems to enjoy taking guys and slamming them on the ground like a boss. This gives the Bills something that they lacked in Scott Chandler whose blocking was sub-par. Also unlike Lee Smith who gives the Bills a strictly blocking tight end, Niklas is a great receiving threat. He is very physical and finds ways to make the catch likes this touchdown grab versus USC. Of all the tight ends in this draft, this guy is by far my favorite. It was disappointing that he didn’t run the 40 at the Combine but he made up for it by doing a great job at the drills. This guy should be available with the Bills 2nd pick, if not, can always trade up for him into the late 1st.

4)      Austin Sefarian-Jenkins from Washington

Jenkins is another of those blocking tight ends that can also catch. In his last year at Washington, Jenkins was mainly used as a blocker for running back Bishop Sankey. He TEshowed off exception blocking and looks like one of the best blocking tight ends in this draft. What separates Jenkins from the pure blockers is as a receiving threat he is actually not that bad. ASJ is able to use his size to create mismatches and was able to get up and get the ball. It is hard to judge how well a receiving threat he is considering his absence from the Combine drills due to injury, but at the very least he gives Manuel a big target with a big catch radius. This guy should be there with the 2nd Bills pick, maybe even their 3rd one.


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